Friday, July 28, 2017

Project 365, Week 30

The kids went to Kids Camp with our church and H was at camp, so we had just the teens girls for the week. Easy!!

July 17
Looking through pictures online, I spotted my girl in pink shorts at Kids Camp.

With nine of our children off at camp, we seized the opportunity for a girls night out. What a treat to have an evening boat ride! It was perfection!!

July 18
Cooling off and exhausting the dog. :)

July 19
Such a sweet capture of my boy praying at the worth the price of admission.

Shaun and I snuck out for a dinner date. Its true love when, on a hot summer night, Shaun agrees to sit out on the patio instead of in the AC.

July 20
Somehow I always think of a picture after the fact. After my dear friend and I, who I don't get to see each other often, spend several hours catching up over coffee. We've been friends since the youth group days, so you can imagine how our conversations have evolved over the years. We acknowledged that we're getting old, since some of our talk was about our health issues and our decaying bodies. ;) But we both agree, being 40s is pretty sweet!

J loves it when I'm able to stay and watch her horseback riding lesson. Such a pretty scene when she's in the outdoor ring.

July 21
In the evening I picked up the (very tired) kids, after their week at camp. Aiden quickly dug into his Legos and then books.

We all went to watch Shaun play softball.

July 22
Post-church swim.

July 23
I dropped H off at camp. He's spending two weeks doing Cape Cod, Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard with a small excursion team. But I'm the worst mom ever for making him go...oi! ;)

Amanda was hanging out with Shaun at the old house, being very helpful. :)

We are big fans of Tim Hawkins, so when I saw he would just over an hour away, I jumped on it. Rave reviews by all seven of us!

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The Bug said...

I love that scene from the horseback lesson - beautiful country. And Aiden getting buried - ha!