Friday, August 18, 2017

Project 365, Week 33

This week we managed to farm out nearly all of the children, leaving us with just one 17-year old who worked during the day. It was such good timing for Shaun and I to get some extra time to be together, to heal emotionally and to get some work done. Turns out that makes for some boring or non-existent photos, so many of these were sent to me.

August 7
As with most government agencies, the Department of Children and Families requires a great deal of paperwork. The administration piece of being a foster mom can be a part-time job.

Cousins in Maine!

August 8
I live in wonder of God's creation and sometimes I'm compelled to pull the car over and breathe it in.

With no kids with me at Shaun's softball game, I got my nephew all to myself!

August 9
Aiden helped Pop with the nursing home service.

Tubing at the cabin!

August 10
Hydrangeas are one of my very favorites.

Hiking part of the Adirondack Trail.

August 11
Happy fishermen. :)

Gavin had a little cold, so he was feeling extra snuggly. He kept giving Aiden hugs and kisses while they were reading a book together. (All the heart eyes!!)

August 12
Back together (all but J)!!

August 13
Sunday evening chill on a perfect summer evening.


Amy said...

Love the fishermen!

The Bug said...

That picture of you & your nephew - so cute!