Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Project 365, Week 35

August 21
My favorite quote from today: "One of my favorite prayers goes: “Thank you, Lord, for the blessings that abound us, the beauty that surrounds us, for your grace that astounds us and for the mysteries that confound us.” The solar eclipse is a useful reminder of the humility with which we must consider our place in the universe. It is also a testimony to the wonders of the human intellect that we can track the movement of celestial bodies with such rigor and precision. 
I see it as a hopeful sign that this eclipse captured the nation's attention. For all that divides us, we are passengers on a global journey - together."--Dan Rather

Because we are us...welder's masks! :) What fun!!!

August 22
We left for the city at 4 AM to go to the cancer center for the day like we've done dozens of times. Only this time I was not the patient. We are walking this scary, life-changing journey with some friends and we encouraged them to take advantage of being within driving distance of the top cancer hospital in the world. Knowing New York City can be daunting for rookies, we escorted them for the day. It was heavy, hard and holy.

August 23
Amanda and Alayna can play barbies for hours, though Aiden doesn't usually agree to get roped in. If he sees this picture, he may ask me to strike it from the record. ;) (At least they gave him Ken! Ha!)

Poor Baby Gavin never gets any attention. :)

August 24
It was looking like it might not happen this year, but Shaun had basically promised Aiden some fishing time in the Maine, so we snuck away for a few days to the cabin. It was the teens first time in a canoe!

August 25
Fishing and campfires were the main activity, but we did do some games, too.

Successful fishing, I might add.

August 26
We drove up to Moosehead Lake on a beautiful day for an ambitious hike with the gang.

August 27
Sunrises are my favorite.


Melody said...

If you ever decide to write a book, there's your title: Heavy, Hard, and Holy.
Glad you got up to Maine!

The Bug said...

Maine looks lovely - I'd like to go someday! I'm glad you're able to use your experience to help someone else!

Amy said...

Gotta love the hoodies in Maine in August. -- Glad you're not the patient! -- Love your quotes at the beginning of the post!