Saturday, February 21, 2009

Playing Dress-up

This week the girls played "dress-up" with ALL their hair things. The adventure involved bringing in the hair things one handful at a time from the bathroom to their bedroom. I was able to listen in on the monitor from the office. Their make-believe is still primitive, yet both are quite entertained.

It's times like this I wonder, where are we going to fit a boy into all this craziness? And then I remember the things we did to my compliant, patient, laid-back, wonderful brother, and I know it'll all work out.

Teddy and Bear were the main subjects of the beautifying, and both were happy to comply, as usual.
Later that night, they took the combs to me. You haven't lived until Amanda has combed and "braided" your hair! Avery was interested in learning and she finally got pretty good doing a ponytail...she's now qualified to do my hair everyday. :)

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Vanessa/Chelsea said...

Nothing I like better than my girls "doing my hair." I think Avery did a great job!