Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mom, Come Seek Us!

Since Shaun has been working so much, the girls and I have gotten lots of time together. They keep me well entertained!

Last night as we were driving in the car:

Avery: Mom, its cold outside so nobody is walking.
Me: You are right. Its so cold, no one wants to be outside.
Avery: Its cold, cold, cold!
Me: Yes, it is.
after a pause
Avery: Mom, is it windy?
Me: (after taking a second to look around at the trees we are passing) No, its not really windy.
Avery: Just at her house?
Me: Uh, who's house?
Avery: Miss "Windy" (Wendy), my new [dance] teacher.

Amanda likes to have her sleeves pushed up to her elbows. When she's got on more than one layer, she needs help. Several times a day she asks me, "Mom, will pull my hands up?"

For several months now Avery has been playing around with the concept of time. She says things like:

Mom, remember last week when I was 14 and we went to Florida?
Remember when we went there yesterday? (Yesterday is anytime in the past from earlier the same day to as much as a year ago).

The girls love to play hide-n-seek. They've pretty well learned to not answer when I ask "where are the girls?", however, they still haven't figured out that they need to change hiding places. This is there favorite hiding place.

They both get under the covers and yell, "Mom, come seek us!" Then they want me to go back and count and come "seek" them in the exact same spot. Over and over and over.

Avery is confused with 'by accident' and 'on purpose'. Its hysterical when she spills her water, for instance, and says emphatically, "I did it on purpose!" when she really means to say that she did it by accident.
(yes, it is 20 degrees outside and yes we do live in an old, drafty, cold house...yet, this was the outfit of choice today...I checked her several times and her little arms stayed warm somehow)


Lisa said...



Momagoose said...

Love every bit of it!!!! And totally relate!!! Liliana hides and then she says now count. :o) ha!

Elizabeth said...

So cute! For Lainie, anything that happened "last night" could be from a few hours ago to a few months ago. "Member when Daddy jumped out of an airplane last night?"

Kimberly said...

I did it on purpose. LOL! That is absolutely precious!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh, aren't they the best entertainment? Who knows what is going to come out of their little mouths next! I love the 'on purpose' and 'by accident' mixup.