Sunday, February 15, 2009

Project 365, Week 7

February 8
Good friends of ours are having their first baby. As Sarah was opening her presents, I was remembering back and thinking 'there is just no way she has any idea of knowing what they are getting into'. Soon their hearts will be filled in a place they didn't know was empty and they will know love on a level that has never existed for them before. Blessings, Jason and Sarah!

Later that day we went to Pop and Kiki's house. They invited us all over for a sledding and chili eating party. We had a warm couple days, and as you can see, much of the snow had melted in front of his house, but that didn't stop him or the kids.
They just invested in a quality tube for the kids...their favorite place for discretionary money to go...and it worked really well! The kids had a blast, but Pop and Christina were glowing, too.
Amanda wasn't thrilled about having to go on with someone, she prefers to go alone. She also refuses help walking back up the hill. At one point, she was laying flat on her stomach, eating snow, because her thumb-less mittens don't allow her to pick up anything.
Shaun's siblings and co brought Chinese over later after having spent some time at the hospital visiting Shaun's grandmother. Anytime we can all be together is a treat.
February 9
The phone call came late at night that Shaun's grandmother's suffering was over and she was in heaven with Jesus.February 10
Four months (18 weeks) Feeling great! My mom and Bobbi watched the kids so Shaun and I could go out and have some time together...we needed the breather.
This is how I see these faces most everyday after lunch...peanut butter and fluff. Fluff is one of those things I swore against before being a parent.
February 11
Shaun brings this bag to work with him everyday, January-April. Amanda calls it "Daddy's purse". He's been trying to get her to say "man bag".
February 12
The only picture I got from the day. We were all kinda sick.

February 13
I helped the girls make cupcakes for Valentine's Day. When I left the room for a couple minutes, the temptation was just too great for a certain 3-year-old. The 2-year-old is no angel, she was still napping.
February 14
Our Annual Valentine's Day Murder Mystery Dinner. Fun, fun, fun!!
There's more to see. Visit Sara and Kimberly, who are hosting.


LuAnn said...

Tell us about your murder mystery dinner. How does it work? Sounds like fun!!!

sara said...

i have not done a murder mystery dinner for so long..what fun!!! The very first one we did, I got a character who was a "sexy blues singer"...I was 8 1/2 months was very funny!

great pics!

Dena said...

Murder mystery dinners are so much fun. You look so great being pg. I never looked that nice. :)

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

The sledding looks like SO much fun...I wish we had enough snow to do that. Amanda is so brave to go down by herself - she must have a little independent streak. :)

I am so sorry to hear about Shaun's grandma - but it's good to know she's with Jesus.

You are looking fantastic - I'm so glad you posted that pic!

And the cupcakes - that would be too much temptation for ANY 3 year old, I think. Such good memories!

fransmomma said...
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fransmomma said...

you are adorable!!
i must confess my envy; i wish that my kids could go sledding!! we MIGHT get into the 40's at night.
during the day its mid 70s!! gotta love texas. :)
i might have to buy some fluff at the store tomorrow. its been too long.

Shawn, Shelva and Symeon said...

Sorry to hear about Shaun's grandmother and I also know when they are suffering God's mercy is often welcomed as well.
Also what a beautiful baby bump. You look beautiful and I can't wait to meet baby boy A although I am with you not quite yet, I echo the same not quite yet!! love ya

darla said...

great week! lots of wonderful photos and memories, especially the tummy shot!

Nise' said...

Sorry about Shaun's Grandmother. Those strawberries look delicious.

Bethany G. said...

Bwaaaa! at "Daddy's Purse" Too funny! Thanks again for such an awesome party!! I still don't know how you did it feeling as awful as you did!

Wendy said...

that dinner looks like fun!