Friday, February 13, 2009

Big Enough

We've all been taking turns being a little under-the-weather. I coaxed Amanda to put herself out of her misery and lay down for a few minutes. Avery stayed on the other side and held her hand a whispered comforting words to her. She's such a good big sister. She was rewarded later because got to use the camera.

Our fever, runny nose, cough have all been the same, but Amanda and I added our own variety to it. Amanda's was to threw up just once yesterday. There was a spew line most of the way to the bathroom but when it was over I noticed she had caught the gum she'd been chewing for the last eight hours.

She popped it right back in and, after demonstrating such skill, how could I deny her?? Gross, I know.

This morning as I was slathering lotion on my belly, as I do everyday post-shower, Avery looked at me and said, "Mom, that's big enough. Your belly is big enough! Its time for our baby to come out."
I can agree with the 'big enough' part...not so sure I'm ready for him to come out yet though.

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