Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Aiden is Nine Months

The growing and changing and learning stops for no one!  It seems Aiden wakes up every day determined to conquer something new...go a little higher, get a little faster...

He's worked very hard this month on standing.  He does it with ease while holding on to something, usually with just one hand so the other is free to hold the object he is putting in his mouth.  Occasionally he lets both hands go for several seconds at a time.  He spent quite a bit of time practicing getting down from the standing position more gracefully, so we've had a lot less injuries this month.

He eats all manner of food, by himself.  I gave up on cereal when it kept getting spit back at me, so he's just on people food and nursing now.  Just like the girls, Aiden will sit in the highchair for as long as I am willing to throw food at him and he just shovels it in.  From sweet potatoes to avocados, strawberries to mangos, steak to chicken, we haven't yet come across anything he rejects.

Sleeping is not a problem...he sleeps about 9-9, with a feeding in the 4-7 AM range.  His 45 minute evening nap has been phased out, leaving just the two.  Usually he goes down without a fuss, and likes it when I sing to him.  At night, he dives right out of my arms into his bed and snuggles right in.

Clearly, he recognizes some words now.  He knows all our names and always gets a little excited when I say Avery or Amanda.  Truthfully, I'm not sure if the spinning in my arms is excitement or fear, but he does react.

Aiden is a little more attached to me than he probably should be.  I chalk it up to the fact that I have essentially been the only parent around for the last three months.  He really likes to be held and cries when I leave the room.  I feel bad because he is not into being held by his sisters and they like to.  Soon enough I know he will be following Daddy around everywhere so I'm not too worried about it.

The photoshoot for this month didn't go as I was hoping, ending before it even began.

This is his "mom, hold me" face.
Amanda tried to help corral him.
How can I deny that sweet face?  :)
This is how he is much happier...standing next to something with a tool in his hand or sitting in his highchair taking in massive amounts of food.
Here are some from the past month...
Proof that Daddy did hold him a couple times.
He's already willing to help his sister with her chores.
I swear he says "dog" whenever he sees Riley.
These next few I found on the camera Avery was using.  It was time for Aiden to wake up anyway so I let her go in and peek at him.  She just could not get over how cute he was sleeping.  She kept exclaiming it over and over.
And his very newest thing is that front bottom tooth.  Can you see it? 
I think his look has definitely changed this month.  He's looking less like a baby and more like a boy.  That is as it should be but still a little emotional.  This season in our lives is so amazing.  I love having baby toys scattered all over the house, I love that there is someone in our house who wears teeny tiny socks.  I love the pure laughter that rings in the air.  He's been such a blessing.


Amy said...

Love that last picture!

mom said...

Such a sweetie!!

Shawn, Shelva, Symeon and Marin said...

Oh that face! He is beautiful! I love little socks as well I will miss them so much. I saw Aiden wearing my favorite pair of Symeon's and I smiled while I cried.