Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Passion of the King

This was the third year for the Passion of the King, and our first being involved in it.  Shaun manned the sound board and Avery was one of the kids.  Both really enjoyed their time...Avery actually glowed anytime it was talked about.  It helped that her auntie and four cousins were also involved.  There were six performances over a week's time.

See her?  She's the little one in the middle with brown on.  When she first began we made sure to explain what her costume would look like so she wasn't disappointed that there were no sparkles.  These things are important in her world.  I didn't "happen" to catch her smiling in all these pictures...its just how excited she was, every single time.
She had a little "extra" part at the end, to pretend that she was lost.
My niece Madison, with Jesus.
My nephew Nathanael, here telling young David he's "too skinny" to fight Goliath.
The whole crew posed with Jesus.
Shaun and Amy hard at work behind the scenes making it all happen.
As you can see, the kids were super bored during the scenes they were not in.
The "bus", or shuttle from the commuter lot to the church was a highlight for sure.  They could sit anywhere they wanted and no seatbelts!
The kids were intrigued by the "blood" on the thief.  He was into them being into him and was a good sport.
My aunt and uncle drove 4 hours from NY to see the show, only to turn around the same night and go home after.  Thanks you guys!  This is my mom and her sister and me and my sister.  Do you think there is any family resemblance? 
Amy and Avery after the last performance and Avery with "Mary".
What a privilege to be a part of the production in a small way.  Our prayer is that many came to know Christ, the ONLY way to get to heaven.

Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life.
No one comes to the Father except through me.
John 14:6

(stick with the video...it does come into focus.)


Rebecca Jo said...

Holy Cow - that is just adorable! All those little faces ... precious!

I love the picture of your niece with Jesus too.. that's a special picture!

looks like everyone did a fantastic job!

sara said...

that is so awesome!!! Your little girl is a natural on stage!!

We put on big productions like this in our very first church we staffed....I miss it!!!