Monday, January 17, 2011

Aiden is Eighteen Months

Aiden is "half big", as Avery says.  What a joy he is!

He's growing into a little boy daily and its so fun (and a bit scary) to watch.  He gives the best hugs, second only to Amanda.  He wraps his chubby little hands around my neck and squeezes tight, then pulls away, just beyond our noses touching and looks right into my eyes and grins.

He is saying all kinds of words:
up, down, out
A-ye (Avery)
A (Amanda)
Chot, Chot (Trot)
at (hat)
and a whole bunch of others plus several phrases that I'm still not quite understanding

As I was composing this I asked Avery if she could think of any words Aiden says that I've missed.  She proceeded to go to him and had him repeat about 25 words...and he made an effort on each one,  some were quite clear.

*He's learned to throw a fit to varying degrees...he's also learned to cut it out if his daddy is around and tells him no.

*makes sound effects

*likes to hold a controller (is that what they're called?) and pretend he is racing a car when his daddy and sisters are playing PS3.

*He is all about balls!  Loves his child-sized basketball and likes to pack it around the house.

*started to "read" to himself in a quiet corner or in his crib.  So cute to hear the inflections in his voice.  Avery also reads to him quite a bit.

*still requests "Up Above" at least once a day and he's able to hum more and more of it on key 

*showed first signs of compassion.  I'd scolded Amanda for something she did and she was pouting. Aiden went over to her, gave her a hug, patted her back and talked to her and tried to make eye contact with her as if to ask if she was ok

*likes to help me in the kitchen, whether its taking out all the pots and pans, sweeping or mopping the floor or riding on the vacuum....he'll make a great husband someday :)

*has become friendly with strangers when we are out.  He waves bye and often blows kisses, which is just too incredibly adorable

*Avery exclaims how cute he is multiple times a day.  She often squeals with delight at the things he does, the faces he makes and the things he says

Here's our little man in pictures from this past month.  You'll see he figured out presents with no trouble, he's gotten a couple dings to the head and he is rarely lacking for attention, thanks to his doting sisters.

 Aiden got to meet his newest cousin Wyatt, who took Aiden's place as the youngest.  Aiden was thrilled with him, kept saying Baby! Baby! and somehow instinctively knew to wraps both his arms around him.  Total sweetness. I told him to ask his daddy for a baby brother. ;)


LuAnn said...

happy 18 months Aiden - I don't know which picture is the cutest. But can't believe how big Trot is getting. How 'bout that baby brother?

Amy said...

He's a very sweet, little guy!