Friday, January 21, 2011


I have to say, I'm a little surprised by the lack of response to my plea for vacuum advice.  NO one chimed in their opinion and here I was thinking that everyone must have a strong opinion about the vacuum they use at least once a week.   Maybe that's just me who has strong opinions about way too many things.

At any rate, much as I would have liked to continue using the excuse "the Internet hasn't gotten back to me yet", the house could not wait any longer to be vacuumed so we had to make the purchase.  I asked Shaun if he would grab one on his way home from work.  

He did go to look but came back stating it was something I should go take a look at for myself.  So we made it a family outing.  Who knew there were so many vacuums in the world???  And who knew Sears could be so much FUN?!? :)

Shaun suggested an upright one that has a "pop out" canister for stairs that I thought seemed good, so we went with it.  Hoping it serves us well...

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I Peter 2:1


Chelsea said...

LOL! Sorry! I have a Kirby and I love it! But it is not a!

LuAnn said...

Sorry - I would be no help ! This house we moved into 5 yrs ago has central vac. Love it!
Looks like Sears was a hoot !

Shelva said...

hey i was just thinking i need to email lisa. i just used our vacuum and thought this would be perfect for her and it is the upright with removable canister for stairs and floors. it is great hope you enjoy!

sara said...

I have been through so many vacuums and don't love any of them 100% so I didn't put my 2 cents in. I have an Oreck and I do like it however, it doesn't do stairs. It comes with a 2nd small canister for stairs but to me that is a pain...oh well.

My mom has central vac....I don't know why more houses don't go to that, it is amazing!!!

Elizabeth said...

I didn't see your vacuum request, but ours is broken, too! What kind did you get? I'm having a hard time deciding. There are just too many.