Sunday, January 2, 2011

Project 365, Week 1 !

Happy New Year!  I love the freshness of a new year and the inevitable reflection time that it instigates.  Well, maybe I don't always love the reflection part, but it IS good for me.  My third year doing Project 365!  You all were so sweet with your comments and I'm thrilled that some more of you are jumping into the project.  It is amazing how well you get a feel for someone when you get a glimpse into their lives everyday.  Our everyday is not glamorous or all that exciting, but its ours and its wonderful and I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I asked my husband if he thought I should bother with 365 for another year and he quickly responded yes!  So I guess for the pain that always having a camera brings, the documented-memories trade-off is worth it.  Hope the kids agree someday.

I am going to once again link up with Sara, who is hosting yet again.  I quit part of the way through last year because I felt bad that I couldn't make it to other people's blogs.  I was in over my head with things and just had to make it one of the things I dropped.  I will try again this year, Sara!  Thanks for all your efforts to've been so faithful!

Every year, like clockwork, I marvel at how long this week between Christmas and New Year's is.  When we finally arrive at New Year's Day I'm always amazed that Christmas was just ONE week ago!  This week I gave myself some time off and it was so nice.  There were at least two days that I stayed in sweats.  Nice and slow!

So let's follow up the longest intro with a slew of photos from the week.  

December 26
Our family left early to beat the snow storm that started in the morning.  Towards the end of the day I came across this scene.  For all its imperfections, I just love the sub-stories in it, screaming their personalities.  Aiden is wearing pink eye shadow and crumbs on his face.  Avery is doting on him, dressed from head to toe in her new "cool" clothes.  Amanda is...Amanda.
December 27
The girls woke up asking to go sledding, excited about our first real snow.  So, we did the only logical thing and headed to Pop and Kiki's house.
 My dad loves the excuse to go out and play in the snow, although he's been know to take a few trips down the hill with no kids present.
 I didn't think Aiden would have any interest, but I guess he thought since his sisters were doing it, he probably should, too.  Maybe next time I won't be such a sally and will go out with them to get better pictures...the smiles sure were abounding!  We ended our time with tea and hot that's what I'm talking about!  (Hey, I've never made any claims to being an especially fun mom....New Year's Resolution??  Don't act my age so often?).
 December 28
Amanda woke up with a fever and she was down for the count.
 We went to see Shaun's mom for her birthday and ate lunch in the hospital cafe where she works.
Sweet, sleepy angels on our way home.
 December 29
The girls play so well together, I enjoy listening to them in the monitor.  They made up a game of memory with old maid cards.
 The Boy was safely out of their way downstairs.  I laughed when I was looking at this picture before I chose to include it because he has pink eyeshadow and crumbs on his face.
 December 30
Uncle Nathan surprised us by picking the girls up to take them skating.  It'd been two years since they last went and he said they did well.  Isn't it beautiful there?
We were sitting at the table sipping tea.  Amanda caught Avery kind of snickering at her dress so she explained that this is how Belle wears hers and, well...she's got the right idea. :)
Actually, I caught some of it on video.  I don't yet know how to edit my videos so the whole thing is here, but only the first 30 seconds apply.  If you listen longer than that, you'll just hear lots of whining.

Boy time!
December 31
Last night with the tree, so I tried a couple things.  The first one just happened and I think its precious, the second one I spent quite a bit of time trying to achieve.  Its a start, not quite what I was looking for though and the third is my final attempt at a Christmas picture of the three of them.  Hopefully in a year or three I won't remember that it wasn't taken on Christmas. :)

January 1
Amanda was up early and wanted to join Trot and I on our walk.  It was nice to have the company...sort of.  When we got home, the girls helped me put away all the Christmas decorations.  Ah...always feels so good to have it gone.
 As independent as Amanda is, in so many things she wants to be doing just what Avery is doing.  If Avery dresses in a leotard and jeans, you better believe Amanda's going to find something similar.  (Avery's licking peanut butter, in case you were curious...she finished off the jar).
After church we went out to eat...the restaurant was chosen by the kids because they have marketing!  My two handsome boys. 
If you are new to 365, you might want to link up with Sara and meet the wonderful community there.


LuAnn said...

So glad you are continuing for our 3rd year. I agree with you about the hauling the camera. When I don't bring it,the shots I see and then get mad I don't have my camera with me.

We are planning a trip this summer to some major league ball parks. One is Fenway - Phil can't wait. Do you live near there? Will have to see when the time comes closer.

Andrea said...

I am going to have to preview the movie with Belle that the kids got for Christmas because I am not so sure that is quite the way Belle wore the dress. Nive tree pic of Aiden and the last one of the 3. I, too, bring the camera for all occasions. I actually have a small point and shoot that used to stay in my purse so I had one if the big one was not welcome. Looking forward to peeking in on you guys again this year. Maybe I will catch up on mine.Again

SusanD said...

Enjoyed your photos. Looking forward to joining in on the P365 this year. Blessings, SusanD

sara said...

So glad you got some time to relax this last week.

I love the picture of Amanda asleep with trot by the stove...I am assuming from the pics that she was feeling better soon!

The christmas (or not christmas :) ) pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!! In a few years you won't even mind that they weren't taken on Christmas!!!

and the video...too cute. it actually makes me want to go over and pull out my old videos!

Happy new Year, Lisa! I am so happy that we met through P365. You are a blessing to me!

Meg A. said...

Glad you're doing this again! I love catching up on your weeks and seeing those 3 sweet faces! Happy New Year friend!

The Bug said...

I love your Christmas tree pics - even the "arty" one - it would make a cool background for something.

Glad you're continuing P365 - I like seeing your week.

Darla said...

precious precious memories Lisa! i enjoyed seeing your week so much! you really have no idea what memories you stir up for me. my kids were soooo much like yours in sooo many ways. what a blessing for me to have found you. love ya! the 'belle' dress...totally something that would have happened here too. ;) hahaha.LOVE it!!!

Mimi said...

You have such a beautiful family!

I hope you have a great 2011,

rita said...

I felt the same about not being able to make the rounds of all the bloggy friends. I'm sure you're not the only one that got bogged down with life. Nevertheless, we made it to the end, and here we are again. It was worth it.
You had lots of sweet pictures. My favortes: Avery and the dress; Aiden and the tree!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

We love 365 don't we!

That picture of your little one reaching up for the tree is priceless. I would mat that one up and put it out every Christmastime! It is just too cute!

Very sweet and beautiful children!

Happy New Year!


I loved the picture of the child and the tree. I am new to 365...this is my first year and I am looking forward to it.

Angie said...

Ok, I loved..."I have a drippy nose" and "what are you talking about?"

The pics by the tree were very nice! Great job.

See you next week.

Kim said...

P365 is such a GREAT way to document the year!

Don't feel bad when you can't get to everyone else's P365 posts. Life happens sometimes! Just go when you can. We understand :) We have weeks/months like that too. See, it's taken me half the week to start visiting everyone :)

Happy New Year!

Tori said...

I love the shot of Trot keeping up during sledding!
I love "Belle wears it that way"! That is too cute!!
The Christmas tree shots are great! Who cares when they were taken.
Have a great week!!