Sunday, January 9, 2011

Project 365, Week 2

January 2
Hmm...two days into the year and no picture.

January 3
It's time for a change around here in the way of some minor decorating.  My sister, who is exceptional at it, came over to give me some ideas.  It was embarrassing to pull out all the picture frames I own....they just kept coming and coming.

January 4
What is wrong with this picture?

January 5
In January, you have to take days that are "warm enough" and we did.  The kids took the dog out to romp around and I...took pictures, of course! :)

January 6
The girls played Mary and Joseph for quite a while.  Surprisingly Avery was Joseph.  Funny stuff to overhear and some serious sweetness going on.

January 7
Got to meet my 14th niece/nephew today, though he was born at 11:25pm on the 6th. (I have to specify this because at some point I know I'll look back here when I'm wondering when his birthday is...there's gotten to be too many to accurately keep them all straight).  His name is Wyatt Zane and he is so soft and smells heavenly.  My brother and his family lived in Colorado for the first three babies, so what a treat it was to be able to drive just over an hour to see him, less than 24 hours old.  And here they are...four kids, four and under.

January 8
Hiding at the doctor's office, waiting to surprise the doctor.  Thought Amanda had an ear infection but right now its just fluid.  I had no idea that 75% of all ear infections clear up on their own after a couple weeks.  Thankful for a doctor who is not quick to offer antibiotics.  She knows I'd fire her if she started throwing prescriptions around. :)

Since Shaun was pretty sick he stayed home from church and kept the younger two so Avery and I got the evening together.  After service, we did a marathon after-Christmas-returns, finally de-bagging (a word?) our bedroom.  So cute...she was "artistically" looking out the window here.  We had a front row seat to some beautiful fresh snow falling.

I'm linking up with Sara again this week.


sara said...

those are going to be some major blackmail pictures you have there of Aiden!! ha! ha!

love the picture of the girls playing mary and joseph!! so cute!

Welcome to your new nephew!!!!

Amy said...

love that pink belt and eyeshadow...he must be trying to get the 80's back in style...ha ha.

Looks like a very fun week and I hope you have a great one coming up.

skoots1mom said...

adorable pic with their scarves!!


I love kid pictures and yours were wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your little ones with us.

BARBIE said...

Love the pictures, especially the diaper one!

Mimi said...

You have a beautiful family! I miss my boys being that little.


The Bug said...

Your kids are so cute! Poor Aiden - I'm afraid that there might be a little more drama once he gets old enough to figure out he doesn't want pink eye shadow :)

Darla said...

i had to call my son to the computer to see Aiden...simply because he got make-up and nails painted all of the time at that age....LOL! great memories now, but back then it always concerned me that he might get confused. not a chance, he is ALL boy! for sure. soo, don't worry if that thought ever crosses your mind. ;)

Rach@In His Hands said...

I so enjoy getting a glimpse into your days every week! Your kiddos make me grin. I love that they play Mary and Joseph!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Sweet little ones, especially the pink eye shadow!

I hope all your little ones get to feeling better very soon, having sick ones is no fun!