Sunday, August 12, 2012

Project 365, Week 32

Ah...what to say.  It was...a week.  It was filled with enough emotion and exhaustion that I actually cried.  I would say that "I'm not a crier" but that phrase bugs me because its usually said while someone is crying.  Let's just say crying is not my "go to" way of handling emotion when I'm frustrated or angry or hurt or happy.  I can get crying pretty easy when I am worshipping and thanking God for who He is, but outside of that, "I'm not a crier".  :)

But when I called Shaun after yesterday's wedding and he said I rented the apartment this morning, I cried.  Relief!  The end is truly in sight!! did I get sidetracked like that?? much to blog about and I truly expect to get some time to do that very soon.  I leave for Montana today for what promises to be a fun and crazy adventure.

Gotta go, but I'll update soon!  I miss being here on my blog!

August 5
Work morning at the apartment.  Z has no idea how grateful he'll be for all this knowledge someday.
Shaun's mom put together a family picnic with her four kids and their families....water balloons were involved.  :)

More water at home.
 August 6
Grandparents came to visit us at the football field, so the kids discovered the snack shack.
August 7
Cheerleading is fairly laid back, so Aiden and Amanda joined in this day.
We were admiring the sunset on the way home and the kids insisted I stop and take a picture.  I'm raising them right!  :)

 August 8
We love to read on the porch!

Pretty girl.

 Good buddies.

August 9
Walking home from the apartment, doing a little work along the way.
 August 10
Getting all dolled up.
August 11
Shaun texted me this picture while I was shooting a wedding.  The tooth had been loose, but a stick being ripped out of her mouth during a game of Peter Pan and Captain Hook finished it off.
Fun wedding day!


LuAnn said...

Sorry for you on crying. Hope all is well now.

Love Avery's very cute and a tooth wow!

The three of us made dinner together last night. Those are things I will miss the most.
Again onky 50 minutes away. Very Thankful for that.
Enjoy your trip I am sure it must be for photography. Let me know if you get any good tips.

LuAnn said...

I love a breeze here what happened to that word I am doing this on my phone sometimes there's issues

LuAnn said...

I hit a wrong button this new phone maybe i need to get on the computer. Again i wanted to say love Averys hair

The Bug said...

Avery's hair is really cute - and her snaggle toothed self :)

The three "cheerleaders" are cute too.

I'm glad that relief is ahead!

Penny said...

I'm an emotional basket case, but I HATE crying. Hope this week will be smoother in all situations for you!