Thursday, August 30, 2012

First Day of School

All too soon, school is back in session.  It helps that we really, really, really like the school that the girls go to.  I don't believe there is one schooling option that fits all...all kids or all families...but for us, for now, this works!

The girls got up excitedly Monday morning, ready to start the year.  Amanda was a total wild card...we weren't sure what we were going to get when the day actually arrived.  But, bless the Sweet Lord, she did good.  She did better than good...she did great!!  I mean look...she even wholeheartedly cooperated for pictures!  :) 

 Its so nice being a "veteran" this year.  We feel like know-it-alls and it made for a much smoother first morning than last year.  (The school is transitioning uniforms this year...Avery is wearing the new one and Amanda is wearing Avery's from last year.)

Amanda has done this walk countless times to drop her sister off and then to pick her had to have been a little surreal to her that she was finally big enough....I know it was for me!

 Love that I got a little wave.  :)

I cried as I turned my back and left them there.  Shaun told Aiden, I think Momma needs a hug.  He snuggled in so tight and said, Momma, I love you berry SO much!  I think he also promised that he would never, ever leave me.  :)

The girls got out at noon the first day and Shaun and I were there to greet them.  We got relieved!  :)

It was Z's first day, too.  We spent a considerable effort over the summer trying to get permission to put him into the girl's private school, but the state (from quite high up) would not allow it.

In our opinion, and according to state testing, the public schools in our low income area are...whats the word?  Well....lets just say lacking.

Its unfortunate, but we feel like we did everything we could and we intend to make the most of it.  In fact, his home school books came in yesterday!  There was no homework for him in 4th grade last year, so we're going to see to it that he learns this year, whether its at school or here at home in the evenings.  He's a bright kid who has a hunger for learning so we're going with it!

He was perplexed when I asked him to stand so I could take his picture.  What's this for?  First time getting your picture taken the first year?? much to teach you, Buddy.  :)

While his elementary school undergoes major repairs, the entire school population was moved into a wing of the middle school for the year.  Its less than ideal and has been complete mayhem this first week while they sort everything out.  So far I've gotten the right kid everyday, so I guess its not all bad.:)
Many people have asked me if Aiden is going to miss the kids during the day.  No WAY!  He's all alone with me or with Shaun or, better still, both of us together.  What is not to like about that??  Only a couple days in and I am LOVING our time together.

His verbal skills are increasing daily and we have both entertaining and somewhat in depth conversations.  Snippets from yesterday:

Mom, I appreciate you!
Oh, I don't have any pants on!  That's interesting!


sara said...

I smiled through this whole post!!! As I am saying good bye to my "baby" today, it brought back some wonderful memories!

Melody said...

Yay Amanda! So proud of her!

Awesome pictures :)

LuAnn said...

Glad everyone had a great 1st day.

Loved all the smiles :)

Amy said...

Ahhhh, I'm a little jealous of you waving goodbye to the big kids and getting alone time with Aiden. Makes me wonder.... (sigh)

Hilarious Aiden quotes!!!

The Bug said...

Love those goofy first day pictures - so cute :)

Is Z already taller? He looks taller to me.

Love that Aiden - sounds like he's a stream of consciousness talker - ha!

Ashley Beth said...

Amazing kids, from the "As" to "Z". Looks like they are all set for a blessed year!