Sunday, August 26, 2012

Project 365, Week 34

Well...what do you know?  A full week has gone by and I posted glad I have this project to hold me accountable at least once a week!

I have so many things I can't bear to see not recorded, so I hope to get on that soon.  That, and all the other areas in my life that have fallen off lately.

School starts tomorrow :( and the apartment gets moved into on Saturday :).  We are coming to the end of life as we've known it this summer.

August 19
My day started early, with a 4:49 AM arrival to Boston.  Shaun, Z and Avery came and got me, then we stopped by my dad's house to retrieve the the other two.  SO good to be back with everyone. 

 My beautiful, toothless girl is aging rapidly!
August 20
No picture.  Catching up....

August 21
We did an overnight kid swap with Cousins...Z got Nathanael....
 ....and Trevor got Amanda.
 Later the three big kids and I did the dreaded back-to school shopping.  Last year it was just one, this year three.  For the girls who go to a tiny, private school that means everything....paper towels, tissues, wipes, pencils, glue, crayons, etc, etc.
 August 22
No picture...a hard day.  Kicked it off with a rare and inevitable fight with my husband, followed up by social worker overload.

We had the bi-annual planning meeting on behalf of Z.  There's really not too much of the meeting I can share, but it was quite emotional to sit across from Z's mom and listen to someone tell her she needs to do A-L in the next short amount of time or they will seek to have her parental rights terminated.

It was (and has been) obvious to me that his mom loves him and her other children, and it was heartbreaking to witness her endure this meeting.  What a hopeless life without Jesus!

I think I spoke too soon about not being a crier.... I might just become one!  :)

August 23
The whole family was at the apartment for the morning, then we joined some friends at the beach.
 It'd been many years since we'd been to a New England beach and we were astonished at the crowd...on a Thursday afternoon!  Guess we've grown accustomed to Florida beaches where shoreline is plentiful enough to spread out.

Gorgeous day and great waves!
 Sweet girls who love our kids...when we are together, we don't do much kid-watching.  :)
 We got back just in time for football, cheerleading and...First Grade Orientation!  Our little Manda-Girl is leaving us this year.  :(
 August 24
Fun Friday this week was at the apartment.  We cooked hot dogs on the open flame, watched a movie on the laptop and had a sleepover on the brand-new hard wood floor.  It was declared "the best Fun Friday EVER!!".  Seriously?!?!
August 25
The boys hard at work....precious to see how much these two love each other.


LuAnn said...

Love the toothless Avery!! I actually have a picture of Philip like that hanging on the wall.

Is Amanda excited now for school? Remeber what you had said before about her feelings.

Hope your week is not too crazy with school starting. Sit down, grab that cup of coffee and take a breath. If you can find a minute lol.

sara said...

I love that toothless of my favorite seasons!! They look so cute.

So hard emotionally with the moms of foster kids...balancing the story with the love, I will be praying for Zs mom.

Loved the picture of Shaun and Aiden working sweet!

The Bug said...

Toothless Avery is so cute - and excited Manda Girl (hope her first day is going well). I guess when you're a kid every new thing has the potential to be a lot of fun. Although I'm not sure sleeping on the floor would have counted for me - but doing it all together? Pretty cool.

good+hardy said...

Oh those meeting are so hard. Bless you for your compassion. And don't you hate having to blur such sweet faces? I totally get the reasoning and certainly respect it, but it bums me out every time.

Loving your 365 project!