Monday, October 8, 2012

Project 365, Week 40

Yes, I'm a date late again.  When I saw my sister in law this morning she said,  You must have had a busy didn't post Project 365!  Ha...yes, the weekend was crazy.

In addition to me shooting two weddings, we also are doing respite care for Z's sister.  My super hero husband dealt skillfully with five kids all weekend, including church, football games, etc.  I never leave instructions or check in or worry...he's simply amazing!

As look over our week I'm struck by God's goodness and faithfulness.  So very...blessed!

September 30
After church in the morning the kids spent the afternoon swimming at the hotel...the four of them LOVE the water.
 Then we went and hung out with the cast while they prepared backstage.  Sadly for all involved, we left just before the show started so we could be home and in bed for school the next day.
 October 1
Aiden got many hours of enjoyment out of the large box from my favorite store.
 Avery had struggled with some sort of a sist on her knee most of her time in MA.  On Monday when the school nurse saw it she called me and suggested a doctor see it.  Good thing we took her, it ended up being a Staff infection, which is not a big deal until it is.

She was put on antibiotics and had a follow up the next day.  She had to learn how to swallow a pill.  The first time she had a meltdown and after my failed attempts her daddy came to talk her through it.  She conquered it and remembers on her own to take it, three times a day.  Actually, I think she enjoyed the whole pill thing a little too much.  :)

This picture is her learning her spelling words while we waited.  Can YOU spell 'responsibility'?
October 2
On the way to drop Z off at his visit, we noticed all of Main St was decorated with scarecrows....this was our favorite.
 I was taking newborn pictures for someone who happens to live next to our friends.  The kids went over to visit and I got this texted to impromptu Thanksgiving dinner with our little Indian friends.
 October 3
Avery snapped this after school picture.  The kids all get homework plus reading requirements each night and we do it together as much as possible.
 October 4
I brought cupcakes into Z's class for his birthday...I was quite popular among the fifth grade class.  :)
October 5
A long talked about bike ride with my dad finally happened...on the perfect day!  20.7 miles
 Amanda came right home from school and pulled out a book.  It was only AFTER she finished reading that she discovered it was Friday and she didn't NEED to.  She's starting to get it though!
 We are loving Friday nights around here!  I was a bit hesitant to add yet another activity, but we all look forward to it!  Our former church, three minutes from our house, has a great kids program for all ages.  The kids are in Rainbows, Prims and Royal Rangers, which gives Shaun and I one and a half hours for date night...six happy campers!  :)
October 6
Last long run before my half marathon next weekend....felt great!
 After a couple hours with the kids, I was off to second shoot a wedding.  I'll post this pic, despite the fact that I look pregnant holding my bag.  I got home at 2 AM and left the house at 8:30 AM the next morning to shoot another wedding.
Have a great week!


Melody said...

I love the picture of the kids in the pool! So sweet.

Nice job on the running - good luck next weekend, have fun!

The Bug said...

Busy busy busy! I love how you guys are partners in everything. I want one of Z's cupcakes!