Sunday, October 28, 2012

Project 365, Week 43

Right now I'm sitting in a quiet, dark hotel room with the sweetest little boy sleeping next to me, Blankie shoved in his mouth.  He hasn't been feeling great so he's been all about Momma this weekend.  Shaun is down splashing in the water with the kids before the second show tonight.  Pretty much, life is sweet.

This part of the country is "a buzz" in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy.  In fact, Z's school just called to say they are cancelling Monday and Tuesday.  Water and bread are long since cleared off the shelves and everyone is doing whatever preparations they can.  This stuff makes me crazy, but after last year, I don't blame people for trying to be a little more prepared.  MANY were out of power a week in August with Tropical Storm Irene and then again with the snow storm the end of October, just one year ago.

Anyway, living in the city, high on a hill and with a woodstove, we don't have a ton to worry about, but I'm praying for those who do.

And now, on to our exciting week!

October 21
My location for an engagement pretty around here right now!
 When I got home, we went to watch Daddy play football.

Oh, how I dislike "screens".  The kids get very little time on them, during the week because of school, homework and activities and on the weekends because of activities and being out, etc.  But, this Sunday they got some time...I thought this was so funny.
 October 22
Chatty girls.  I just love our walking time to and from school.
 Second parent-teacher conference, this is Avery's classroom.
October 23
Going down the hill...these fall mornings are so beautiful with the sun coming up through the colorful trees.
Shaun and I went on a date since he was leaving (again!) the next morning.  Clearly, they were really suffering in our absence.
 October 24
My Aiden-guy.  I had a 2.5 hour training and he played in the playroom quietly by himself the whole time, interrupting me just once to go potty.  He's pretty amazing.  Its our little tradition to stop for ice cream on our way home.
 Meanwhile, Shaun and Avery were in Massachusetts, setting up for another weekend of Lost in Vegas.  Avery was in heaven having a baby to help care for.  Its her cousins cousin, so we're claiming him!
October 25
We went out to breakfast to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday.  Here she is with her four children, not looking a day over 39!
 Since Shaun was away I brought Aiden and since I brought Aiden my sisters brought their three-year olds as well.  They were QUITE pleased to see each other.

October 26
After a crazy morning, I got the kids out of school at noon and we headed up to Fitchburg, MA to join up with Shaun and Avery and the rest of the cast and crew of Lost in Vegas.  Within moments we were unpacked and changed and on our way to pool and hot tub.
 Then we met up with the rest of the group, had dinner and then we to do sounds checks.
 October 27
We drove back home for Z's playoff game.  They lost and will not be going to the SuperBowl, but Z played his heart out and he had lots of fans there.  Here he is running in a touchdown.
 Back up to MA.  The kids went for another swim then we went to opening night!  Awesome show!

Here's a sneak peek at how we spent much of our day today...

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The Bug said...

Seriously, your mom does NOT look even nearly 60 - wow! Those three year olds are too cute. I have a feeling that they will be up to no good as long as they're together :)

It was snowing this morning on my way to work. SNOWING. It's October 30. Sigh.