Sunday, October 14, 2012

Project 365, Week 41

Feeling like a train hit me during the night, feeling the effects of my 13.1 mile race yesterday...and the culmination of some crazy days.  

I was thrilled to wake up to rain this morning because I was able to postpone an engagement shoot that I (foolishly) scheduled for this morning at 8:30 its scheduled for 10 AM, but I've been so grateful to just sit here for a bit instead of heading out.  I guess it'll make more sense as you read through our week.

October 7
After getting home from a wedding at 2 AM the night before, I was up and out of the house at 8:30 AM to go to another wedding.  I stole this from FB.

When I got home at 9:30 PM I was greeted with a smiling husband and a nice warm fire....our first of the season.  I have a very love/hate relationship with the woodstove, but its all love at the beginning of the year...feels so toasty and smells so good! 

 October 8
We did our annual Columbus Day trip to the orchard.  As a bonus, my friend and her daughter were visiting from Denver so we snuck in a visit.

After, Shaun's mom and her new fiance came over for lunch.  They got engaged over the weekend and are starting to make plans.

October 9
Shopping trip, detailed in an earlier post.  :)
 October 10
School pick-up time...YAY!
 October 11
We participated in a photographer's exchange.  Someone took pictures of our family, I took pictures of theirs and then we swapped memory cards.
 October 12
So.  Earlier in the week I got the most ridiculous email from some super star photographers....I've seen them speak at a conference and also attended a workshop with them.  Hey Lisa....So we wanted to see if you had any interest/availability to come shoot with us!...

What?!?  After reading it several times to make sure it was actually intended for me, I got so excited.  And then I responded that of course I was interested and available.

I tried to explain to Shaun how crazy it was that they would be contacting me.  He said, Would it be like Ray Allen calling me to go play basketball with him?  Yes, similar.  Or, maybe you make a pretty good cupcake and think Martha Stewart is incredible in the kitchen and then she contacts you and asks if you are available to come to the studio to make cupcakes with her.  Ridiculous, right?  Exactly!

I'm glad I responded before I really thought the whole thing through.  Because as the next couple days wore on, my overriding emotion turned from excitement and wonderment to nerves, doubting and some plain old fear mixed in.

Shaun continued to pump me with confidence and I picked up my head and just did it afraid, like I do SO many things these days.  Growing experiences, I guess they're called.  :)

Anyway, once I got there I was just in wedding mode, much like Shaun would have been once he stepped on the basketball just do what you know, what is second nature.

Still, even now if I thought about it long enough, I could convince myself it was a dream and never actually happened.  :)  Grateful for God's favor, that I don't deserve!

 October 13
I got home from the wedding at 11 PM and was up at 5:30 and out the door at 6 AM, headed to the half marathon.  The buildings were being kissed by the rising sun.
 I went right from the marathon to the football field.  Z's team lost and Amanda got to fill in on the cheerleading squad because one of the girls quit.  So proud of her!
From the field, I went home for 20 minutes to shower and grab my camera gear.  While there, I dreamed of staying home, maybe taking a hot bath, laying on the couch, getting a real meal, seeing my family.  Instead, I went to an engagement shoot.  It was a gorgeous day at a gorgeous location.
From there we went to church.  Aiden saw the flag recently hung up for missions month and said, Look Mommy!  They decorated!  They decorated for Halloween!  
Then we went to my sister's for a nice dinner and great company and THEN we came home and I fell into bed.


Meg A. said...

I think I'm going to go take a nap. Reading about your week has worn me out!!!

The Bug said...

I'm with Meg - I need a nap now too!

I'm not the least bit surprised you were asked to play with the big kids - you're fabulous!

sara said...

oh my word, I am exhausted just reading this!!! So exciting you were contacted by those photograhers....I love it!!! maybe you can slow down a bit this week?

LuAnn said...

Whew !!! Your week, well it made my head spin. Hope you are able to take it a bit slower this week. But really for a mom can that ever happen.

The door bell rang to surprise us. Funny boys !!!

Congrates on your new adventure can't wait to hear how it all goes.