Sunday, October 21, 2012

Project 365, Week 42

Sorry I'm late posting...again!

These weeks!  Where do they go and how does so much get put in them??  

In general, I have learned the art of being content.  Can you imagine if I was holding my joy for "when things slow down"?  

Each day is filled with more blessings than I can contain and I'm so grateful for the strength God gives me for each new day.  Only through HIM!

October 14
It was a bit painful waking up the day after the race (and the next two days after that!) but I dragged myself out of bed and packed up for a photo shoot.  By the time I'd gotten most of the way there, it was determined it was raining too much to be outside, so we postponed.

When I finally got home, I was anxious to sit on the couch and get some time with the kids.  We watched a very funny Winnie the Pooh movie that all four of us were laughing at.

I rarely watch tv at my house (two hours a month, if Shaun talks me into a movie), but on this day it was just right!
 Later we went to visit some friends who we hadn't seen in way too long.  They have a beautiful, expansive yard and it was a gorgeous day for sitting outside.  The kids all played well together and we ate apple pie right out of the oven.  So nice to catch up!
 October 15
Shaun's project for several days this week was wiring our bedroom.  Our home was built in 1895 so things like light switches and outlets are a rarity.

In order to do that, he had to open up parts of the floor on the third floor, and in order to do that, I had to move some junk treasured possessions.  Many garbage bags went and lots of boxes got donated and it doesn't look a whole lot different.  I need to get disciplined about working up there, because one day the mood is going to strike Shaun and he's going to make us a bedroom up there (we seem to be using up the ones we have.  :)

Shaun doubled our outlets (we now have two!) and added a light switch for the closet and one for the fancy!  (Try not to be jealous of our circa 1950 wallpaper).

October 16
I bought these tops for the girls to wear at Christmas.  Why did I think they'd hang nicely in the closet until then??
 "Mom...give me some pwivacy".
 October 17
Since the girls cheerleading practice night had gotten switched, just the five of us were home while Z was at football practice.  I have no idea when the last time was that we sat down for a family dinner of five at home.  Months, perhaps.

It was nice, especially since I'd spent six hours that day with Z "stuff"...continuing ed training, a meeting at his school with five others on "team Z" and a social worker visit.
 October 18
The girls had a half day but Z did not so my three had several hours together.  They played so happily in the girls room.  In the rare times when he is gone and we are not, the kids play SO well together...they are happy doing the same little kid pretend games, Avery plays with dolls and Amanda is more cooperative.

When he's not here things are different...they just are.  It was a blessing to listen to them imagine together and enjoy each other's company.
 Later, I had an afternoon of family photo shoots.  The kids came with me for the first one because it was their cousin.  You can see all of them HERE, if you're interested.
 Beautiful backdrop.
 October 19
Shaun left first thing in the morning and stayed overnight and all the next day to do sound for a men's conference.  He was THE man!
October 20
I was tagged in this photo during the wedding I shot.  (That's me on the far left).  It was another out-of-the-house-on-the-go for fifteen hours day.
But at the end I got to see this face (my growing niece) and Shaun!  AND, I had my second really good apple pie of the week.  Do you see what I mean?  The blessings overflow!
When we got home at 9:30, Uncle Nathan and Auntie were there to pick the kids up.  They took them out of the city enough to get dark and open sky to view the meteor shower.  He put an air mattress in the back of Shaun's pickup and they watched the sky.  In the first five minutes they saw an amazing one....a first for all four special!

I asked him if he'd taken any pictures he said "no.  I should have seeing all of them huddled under a blanket in the back of the truck...".

Alas, my third screen shot of the week.  :)


Melody said...

BEAUTIFUL fall foliage!

sara said...

oh my gosh, the picture of Aiden made me LOL!! those cute little butt cheeks!!! love it!

Another busy week!!!

LuAnn said...

Love Aiden !!!

Sometimes I feel I can't thank the Lord enough for all the blessings.

The Bug said...

Aiden is just TOO cute :)

Mike & I can't save presents for each other - I already have my anniversary present (two months early) - so I know that we would definitely wear something already in our closet - ha!

Love that fall foliage picture - so pretty! I know what you mean about wanting to stop every mile to take a picture. Mike & I drove home from his school's homecoming on Saturday & had to really restrain ourselves!