Tuesday, August 6, 2013

House Project {Week 18}

We survived another week of renovations!  :)  Most of the time we're in a much better state than "surviving", but other times we are just done.  DONE!  

This week both Jared and R joined us.  Of course we couldn't stop just because they were here, but we also had low expectations of how involved they would want to be.  Turns out they are both incredibly hard workers.  Shaun did an amazing job of finding appropriate things for them to do, patiently giving detailed and clear instructions and then empowering them and enabling them as they showed worthy of it.

They worked for his praise and the sense of accomplishment as much as for the money.  Impressive in a day when video game skills are valued over hard work.

Our weather has been ideal, as in perfect.  

Grandparents gave us some much appreciated help with the kids...as good as they are around here, I'm happy for them to go have fun and get a change of scenery and some extra attention.  Our hope is that this summer will hold good memories for them, but you just never know.

More of the ceiling in my kitchen coming down.

Basement floor time.

Shaun is SO very patient and kind and thorough.  He gets hammered with questions all. day. long.  Should I?  Could you?  Where is?  How do I?  Will you?  Its madness, truly.

The boys took on the project of disassembling, moving and reassembling the pool table.

Who does this gaggle of kids belong to??
R and Shaun spent several hours moving a pipe a very short distance and/or making it tilted the correct way.
The kitchen designer came back out so we could discuss the new cabinets and countertop.  I decided on the cabinet (shown here) pretty quickly, the granite decision was harder.

My office, getting new outlets.

R loves to cook so he made a big breakfast for the boys every morning.

Several people have provided meals for us.  What an incredible, unexpected blessing!  The love and support and just knowing that there are some who, to a degree, understand what we are going through has spoken volumes to us.  That's not a hint to bring meals!!  We are just very grateful.

You know how much I love the dump!  :)  Thomas and I spent most of the day cleaning out the old house basement, getting rid of stuff that had been there long before we ever moved in.  Kind of nasty, but so good to have it done!

Nathan also made a scrap metal run.  Goodbye old treadmill....you've been a good friend.  Cannot even imagine how many miles I put on that thing in 14 years.
Jared worked on getting our internet moved over.

We have a friendly, brave bunny in the yard.  The girls set a carrot trail and it worked!

Dinner.  :)
Jared also worked on setting up the TV and speakers, etc.

Shaun's mom came to help pack up North Street.  She is organized, efficient and has moved several times...we made good progress.
The H/VAC person, who is also a friend, spent the day hooking up the new heat pump, or central A/C, depending on whether you are talking to me or Shaun.  :)
Laryssa and I sanded Shaun's beautiful taping job in the library/respite room on the third floor.

Its been so nice having the girls room done and most of their stuff moved over.  They spent quite a bit of time playing in there, mostly nicely.

On Sunday night, Daddy thought it would be good for morale to quit early and watch a family movie in our newly hooked up living room.  After trouble with the router (= no internet), I ran to RedBox and got the movie we'd started.  The kids all watched the movie and Shaun and I confirmed our new sectional is good for sleeping.  :)

I bought a new router and now we have lightning fast internet.


The Bug said...

Wow - a lot got done this past week! Love that the boys helped so much. I also love the blue in your office.

As per usual, that Aiden cracks me up :)

Amy said...

Wow!!!! Seems like HUGE steps this week! Really amazing! It's coming.... Big surprise to me to see cabinets and counters???? What up? I thought you were going with what you had?

Amy said...

Also....how cool that J and R worked so hard. The computer and TV work alone that J did must have been so, so helpful! Hard workers!