Thursday, August 29, 2013

House Project {Week 21}

Already its Thursday and I don't remember much from last week.  Just that it was hard, particularly with all the extra stuff we had going on.  Shaun's mom and I worked on packing up the old house, Shaun showed it several times, and we moved ALL of the kitchen over, making the new house our place for meals.

 We've changed this from Aiden's to R's room.  Its the closest to being ready, its closest to the stairs for when he's coming in late at night and its where the sun shines through each morning, which is good for a high school student, not so much a four year-old.  :)

We stripped the wallpaper months ago, but I worked on getting all the little pieces and washing the glue off to ready it for paint.
 The dishwasher got installed.

 And my office got put back together, with phone and printer working even.
 I will not win any awards for the healthy, balanced way I've fed my family this summer.
 Micah spent hours putting together our two nightstands and dressers.  They look great, but what a pain!
 Shaun and Nathan blew in insulation again.....
 ....down each of these holes, along with holes in the kitchen as well.
 Shaun stopped to have a heart to heart with Aiden, who kept crying over nothing.

 Another dresser!


LuAnn said...

Sounds like there might be an end soon ??

Check your email - I have something to tell you.

The Bug said...

Pizza!!! I think that's what's for dinner tomorrow :)

So much hard work, but already I can see that it will be totally worth it!