Monday, August 5, 2013

Project 365, Week 31

I feel like I sound like a broken record here.  Its just crazy....I don't know how else to say it.  Shaun and I refer to it jokingly (as in, all you can do is laugh) as chaos.  We normally operate under what we consider to be a fair amount of mayhem, but I think its safe to say we are above and beyond any level of sustained zaniness we have ever experienced.  And sure enough, we wake up every day and God gives us grace for one day more.  Only through Him, only for Him.

This was my song this week:

You're the one who conquers giants
You're the one who calls out kings
You shut the mouths of lions
You tell the dead to breathe
You're the one who walks through fire
You take the orphan's hand
You are the one Messiah
You are I am
You are I am

 You are I AM.  Love that!

A couple things about this week....we had our fourteen year old nephew Jared here for the week while his parents were away.  He was such an added blessing!  He made me laugh out loud everyday with his quick wit and humorous commentary on the goings on here, he was SUCH a hard worker and never once complained about the less-than-ideal living conditions he was (we are) under.  He found a way to get along well with R, who is not super easy.

That also meant we had three to four big boys at our house throughout the week.  Thomas is not technically a teenager, but since I am only a year younger than his mom, he gets lumped in with the teenagers. 

I can't explain it, but it felt very natural to have a house full of teenage boys.  Its the vision God gave us before we even got licensed, but I just couldn't picture it.  Now it seems to make sense.

Initial thoughts on big boys....they are easy.  Simple to understand.  Not too many layers to sort through (unlike girls!).  They eat a LOT and when they are not eating, they are asking what we are having for the next meal.  They make strange noises.  They are flexible, easy going. They develop a camaraderie with each other in record time.  They are fun!  After being so used to little people around, I'm finally starting to adjust to seeing more than one grown man walking around.

There are other updates to do about the MAJOR stuff going on in our lives right now, but we are in a wait-and-see kind of week, and I really don't have much that can be shared.  The daily emails and phone calls and visits and meetings with the State help add to the looniness of our lives.  :)  When I can, I'll let you know!

You'll see I struggled a bit finding "normal" life pictures and not construction ones, but its something.   Gosh...I can't wait to be blogging regularly again.  And SO many other regular activities, too.  :)

July 28
Stinkin' cute!

 July 29
Stinkin' funny!  Our three younger kids were gone for the night and the four boys were in the kitchen eating dinner.  Shaun and I were eating in the living room, trying to catch up for a few minutes.

We'd taken one bite when a bat flew past.  I know, a bat!  Except sadly, this is not completely out of the norm for us.  Its the fourth? fifth? bat we've had over the years.  Shaun got up to deal with it, closing it into one part of the house.  We sat back down to dinner, but five minutes later, it flew past, this time we watched as it went into the kitchen.

Immediately, we started giggling quietly, waiting for the reaction from the "men" in the kitchen.  It was 20 seconds and we heard R say, "Oh look...its a bird!  No wait....thats a BAT!!!  Then we heard school girl squeals and nervous giggles from the rest of the crew and they came running out to the living room to tell us all about it.  Hilarious!!

Anyway, they spent some time trying to corner it to an open window.  Eventually they found it in the bathroom, hiding in a towel.  R wanted to hold it and find a cage for it!
 July 30
Aiden got scratched, so I brought him to the pretend hospital.
July 31
We have stuff here, we have stuff there.  Sleeping arrangements were interesting this week.  Both R and Z have to have their own room and the girls bedroom has been moved and Shaun and I have a mattress on the floor of our old room.  Each day we said, ok...where are we going to sleep tonight?  Most nights we each took a group and slept in separate houses.  I guess it could be construed as a luxury.  :)
August 1
Bright and early, I was at the skate park with Jared, Z and R.  It wasn't too long ago I would have said I would never in my life need to be at a skate park, but here I am, and its fun!  I love to watch them, even if it can be a little nerve-wracking and I'm slowly learning the lingo.

 August 2
We went in the late evening, but there were SO many people.
 August 3
Early the next morning....


The Bug said...

Mike & I have moved in stages several times & it's been a challenge - but we didn't have kids and we weren't in the middle of construction! I guess the big blessing is that the houses are so close to each other :)

LuAnn said...

God Bless your craziness !!!!

Amy said...

Love the shot of Z jumping the bike!