Tuesday, August 13, 2013

House Project {Week 19}

Another tough week.  Our flesh is weak and our spirt isn't even all that willing.  We figured out that with the exception of the three days we spent in Maine, Shaun has worked about 100 straight days.  I'm right there behind him and we are drained.  Our reserves are depleted and many days its out of sheer will power to get up and do it again.

Of course we keep the end-goal in sight and know it will soon be a memory, but it is hard.  Now, in addition to the renovations, we've put moving into high gear.  Over lunch one day Shaun and I were talking about a couple of failed marriages.  I joked that if our marriage can withstand all of this, we are probably home free.  :)

I really didn't get too many pictures this week.  My hands were busy and much of it I spent at the old house packing and loading and then unloading at the new.  Its really quite embarrassing how much stuff we have....the part of being an American that I'm not particularly proud of.

Amanda flits and flutters every where she goes and enjoys dancing in the new spaces.

 The boys tore out the plaster part of the wall.  That plaster makes SUCH a mess.
 The boys also got it in their heads that they wanted a fire pit, so with permission, they got shovels and started digging.
 The swing gets used often.
The bathroom off the spare room on the third floor got put back together this week.  All that was there was an old cast iron tub and Shaun transformed it into a useable bathroom.
(This color looks much nicer in person.)
 Screens, but so cute snuggled up together.  Most likely Disney Junior or Barbie something or other.

 R and Avery took out the carpet in the basement to prepare a storage area for all the stuff from the old house that doesn't yet have a place to be.
 Aiden is so helpful and trustworthy.  He's a reliable tool fetcher...Shaun will ask him to go get something and after a time you think he's forgotten or gotten sidetracked, but he always comes back, usually with the right tool.  This time it wasn't, so Shaun had to plug it in and pretend to use it.  Both of them...so sweet!
 The brand-new fuel pump that Shaun put it went bad, which meant the truck was not running.  At least this time he was in our driveway and it was about 20 degrees cooler.
 We've also had several apartment vacancies and this day we all went over to get the place ready for someone to move into.
 Spent the morning moving...in the rain, then loaded up for the dump...in the rain.  Good times.

 I guess you could say this week we officially moved...our old mattress with the valley in the middle went to the dump and the coffee pot (which also needs to go to the dump) found its way over.
 Our three kids are having a blast in their new space.  Aiden's room is not ready so he's been sleeping on the top bunk bed.  Its a big party room...we'll see how that works once school starts.
 So many treasures to be found while going through stuff.  This is a great picture of Shaun's family from just a couple years ago.  :)
 All the rooms are clearing out.  :(
 Stay tuned next week...already there are lots of fun changes and progress reports!


Meg A. said...

This too shall pass, this too shall pass, this too shall pass...XOXO

P.S. I love how you equate being fully moved in- the mattress and the coffee pot are definitely the essentials in my book too!

The Bug said...

Love that Aiden as usual - he is such a hoot :)

Yes - this too shall pass & you'll be so glad to have this record of how it went (in case you get any crazy ideas about doing it again - ha!).