Friday, August 23, 2013

House Project {Week 20}

I'm stealing a few minutes at the end of another long, hard day.  I take that back....NONE of these days are long...they are far too short....I guess what I mean is they start very early and end really late.

At the moment Shaun and our three are in bed and I have the rare job of supervising the boys while they shower and get ready for bed.  Z has Nathanael sleeping over on his last night with us and I can hear them just above me trying to be quiet while they giggle and fool around.  I conned them into going to bed "early" with the promise of the skate park in the morning.

Unfortunately, I fade to gray after 9 PM, which it is, so I may have to "spruce" this up a bit in the morning at 4 AM when I am fully functional.  (I know...I'm is what it is).

Morale was better around here this week.  The weather has been divine, which helps, and we have more and more spaces that we can go to for living.  We were still doing quite a bit of back and forth between houses....eating and packing mostly.  The whole house echos and its a little sad.

Still no signed lease.  Trusting.
And I continue to empty it, truck load by truck load.  The dumb dog is afraid he's going to get left, so he sticks close by.
No more towels or bath toys (or toothpaste globs)....
...pool table and boxes cleared out.
 The kitchen, making headway on the coffered ceiling.  Tedious work, but I love how its coming out.
Shaun also built a new wall where the fridge and cabinets will go.  I know all is right in the world when  I can hear him softly singing along with the radio, always off tune.

I was at HD the other day, investigating the recessed light covers.  An employee was helping me and when we were done, he went on to help another woman.  A clip on the can of her recessed light had broken off so it fell out....she was exploring her options.

The employee said, Oh, you don't need to buy a new one.  You know whatchya do....put a rivet right here..blah, blah.

She was all flustered and more so as he continued to explain how easy it was and she'd just have to purchase a small tool and it'd be fixed up.  She said, Ugh!  I'd have to hire an electrician and have him come out...I don't want to go through all that!

I walked away feeling so thankful that I have an electrician, plumber, floor installer, etc living right under my roof.  To be sure, I take him for granted and even sometimes grumble about the downsides, but he truly is incredible.

 Working on the dining room floors that need to be refinished.  Truth be told, they desperately needed to be done 15 years ago when we moved in, but it didn't happen.  And I'm glad.  The dog ran, the nieces and nephews drove their toy car and played hockey and my kids did all manner of wear and tear to it and I didn't mind a bit.  :)

 We watched out the LR window in dismay as one by one the college students moved into the three-family rental house behind us.  So far, so good though.

 Attempt #1 to pull the tooth.  Shaun is never to busy to stop for the kids special requests.  Daddy, will you please make me a paper airplane?  Daddy, can you try to pull my tooth?
 The new wall is sheetrocked and taped....and sheetrock on the ceiling, too!
Amanda and I went to pick up the new refrigerator.

Back at the old house, silverware was almost non-existent.

 Our first campfire in the backyard.  Shaun had to rescue us from the smoke and Aiden was thrilled that we were using some of the wood he'd carefully stacked earlier in the season.

The older boys aren't quite as clever at making fires as they thought they were.

 My office:

My temporary office in the LR....I spent hours here working through a system migration with work.
Another room complete!!


 It was SO amazing to have our new home full of people on Sunday for Z's going away party.  Shaun and I love to entertain and it just felt so right to have it full of family....laughing, catching up, sharing big news, watching and talking Sox, kids running in and out...but mostly out, paired with a cousin.

Having a party here gave us a glimmer of hope that maybe someday this place will be more than a construction zone. :)


Meg A. said...

LOVE the photos this week! I can't get over all the progress, amazing! The one of the kitchen with the sheet rock and the lights on is my favorite I think because it looks SO close!

Amy said...

Good progress! Sorry to have missed the inaugural party. Your office came out beautifully and the kitchen is so close to being amazing!! You ARE very lucky to have Shaun. He's very talented.