Friday, April 25, 2014

Passion of the King 2014

Again this year, our family had the distinct privilege of being involved in the Passion of the King production at our church.  Many lives were touched after seeing the story of the life of Jesus...the love He has for us and the relationship He desires to have with us.  Jesus is THE difference in our lives, and we are honored to be able to share that with others.

Also, our kids are learning about serving and being a part of something greater than themselves.  It definitely is a family affair!  Shaun is the sound tech and general go-to man when something needs to be done right.  Avery, Amanda and Aiden were in the show, R helped out on the kitchen staff, feeding hundreds of cast, crew and volunteers each night.  Shaun's mom and her husband served in the kitchen as well.  My sister Amy is the the director's assistant and Trevor, Nathanael and Madison were in the show in various scenes, including Issac and an angel at the tomb.  Colombo helped out with entertaining the kids in the cast between scenes.

The amount of man-power it takes to pull this off is staggering and it is so humbling to work alongside so many incredible people with beautiful hearts.

I was the photographer so I have hundreds and hundreds of photos from four of the five shows.  If you are bored/curious, HERE in the link to more.  And here is just a random sampling from the week of shows, beginning with (I think) my favorite scene, other than the kids scene, of course:


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The Bug said...

Great pictures! I love that last one - Aiden is getting ready to charge forth & do something :) And those crochet caps were a good idea.

What a great experience for your whole family!