Sunday, April 27, 2014

Project 365, Week 17

I am late getting this post up because I've been blissfully unaware what day it is.  We are in sunny, warm Florida staying in a condo on the beach and life. is. good.  Shaun's grandmother secured us a place in an amazing location and we have plenty of wonderful family to go around.  Feeling very blessed!

April 20
He is Risen!!  We hosted a large crew at our house and it was so awesome to have the house and yard full of love and laughter.

Almost half of the crew were under 18…such incredible kids who are just so thankful to be together.
And this little dude…Uncle Shaun got to meet him for the first time at just over a week old.  Sweetness!
April 21
My helper doing yard clean up at the old house.
April 22
A reminder that His mercies are new every morning.  The heavens declare the glory of God!

Most of R's outdoor track meets are at home.  He PR'd in both events, pole vaulting and javelin.

April 23
It is shameful how long I let my hair go unattended.  I always have good intentions, but between the cost and the time of the appointment, I drag my feet until I am in a desperate state.  This time I won't let it go so long!  :)  Aiden was super happy to sit in the waiting area and do screens for an hour and a half and the salon ladies thought he was the best.  He is!
April 24
I got to take pictures of my nephew.  Oh, he is so sweet!!

We had a delightful company work lunch and this goodness was on the way back to my car.
April 25
Busy day getting ready to leave on a road trip.  I took a very dark, very bad picture of NYC as we were driving through at 9 PM.

April 26
Shaun drove us through the night until 4 AM when I took over for four hours.  It was a fun, easy travel day and we finally got to Nana's house.  Yay!!

The fact that I've regretted the camera/lense choice I packed has not prevented me from taking lots of pictures.  A plethora to come!

Have a spectacular week!  Whether you are in sunny Florida or cold, rainy northern parts should have little to no influence on whether you have a great week.  As I tell one of my kids all the time, you CHOOSE to be happy.  No one can make you, its your DECISION to make and its not dependent on what is going on around you.  (She loves that speech, by the way…but its true!)  Enjoy!

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The Bug said...

I'm glad you guys are having a good time! Makes up (almost - maybe?) for the long cold winter you had.

Way to go R on his PRs!

I really really need to make an appointment to have my hair colored. I'm gonna call right now! :)