Monday, April 14, 2014

Project 365, Week 15

This is a few posts jammed into one, so excuse all the photos (as if I always stick to just seven photos...have I ever done that??).

Happy Palm Sunday!  What an exciting time!!

April 6
I signed R up to run a race with me and then informed him he would love it.  He was skeptical but as the date drew closer he got more excited about it.  

We had a beautiful race day.  He ran the Legends 4-mile and I ran the half marathon.  It was a great first experience for him and it gave the two of us some positive, happy bonding time.  If you parent a teenager, then you probably know that not all the interactions are fun and happy.

I had an ambitious goal that I didnt make, which I blame on the constant hills, the one-mile gravel stretch and my lack of outdoor training.  My pace ended up being an average of 9:30.

 Barefoot...interesting strategy.

 After, we joined the family who were immersed in dress rehearsal.  That boy in the middle front melts my heart.

 April 7
First day of softball practice.  Avery was SO excited!
 April 8
It was a beautiful day so Aiden and I went over to the old house to do yard work.  He couldn't wait to show me where the crocuses were growing and then he picked some for me.
 I dug out my glove from years ago when I used to help with Shaun's softball practices....happy to be putting it to good use again!
 April 9
The first of THREE times I would drive through our capitol city this week.  From the back, Aiden said, Mom, I LOVE this place!  Avery always says that, too.
 We were there for a special foster care training where students were doing skits dealing with real teen issues and I was surprised to see someone from our church productions.  He's Judas this year.
 Alayna and Isaiah came over to play for a bit so we pulled out all the yard toys.
 April 10
I had a rare work meeting and got to put on heels!
 April 11
Sweet Armand Joseph arrived!!
 These two brothers hold the titles for my oldest and youngest nephew/niece, #1 and #17

While I was meeting my nephew, the rest of the family was at church for opening night of Passion of the King.

At 10:30, on my way home from the hospital, I picked up S, who will be staying with us for at least this week of school vacation.  I pulled into the church parking lot as Shaun and the kids were coming out.  Shaun and I waved and exchanged a look that said, hi, a) I would love to sit and talk with you and b) yup...this is our life and c) no one I'd rather do it with.  When you've been married almost 20 years you can speak like that with just a look.  True story.
 April 12
First day of T-Ball.  Way too much coach/coordinator talking, not enough action.
 It was such a gorgeous day, so I put the grounds crew to work.  Interest and dedication varied.
 And Amanda successfully went to her first softball practice, with smiles at the end!


Amy said...

That is a lot jammed into a week! Holey moley! Wow! Lots of life goin' on! Congrats on your sweet new nephew.```What in the world with the barefeet running. How'd she fair on the gravel stretch??

The Bug said...

What a full week! Congrats on the race & congrats on the new nephew - so sweet! And I'm glad the softball practices went well.

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