Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pinky Promise

In February our town held baseball signups.

When we offered the opportunity to the kids, Aiden and Avery jumped right on it.  Amanda declined.  I double-checked, triple-checked their decisions, not wanting to waste the time or money, or have regrets later, as in Amanda's case.

Well, Day #1 of girls softball came this week.  Shaun ducked out of work for a bit so he could take Avery shopping for a glove.  She came home proudly displaying pink, shiny equipment and couldn't wait for practice.

She is one of seven girls on the team of 7 & 8 year-olds, alongside Amanda's best friend from school.

Well, her sister, after seeing the new shiny equipment and Avery's enthusiasm, decided maybe softball would be a fun thing to try.


No.  If you take the tags off that not cheap glove, you will play.

So she hemmed and hawed and hawed and hemmed, as Amanda does so well.  She wanted to make sure it wasn't just her wants that she was considering, but also wanted to make sure it was the path God wanted her to be on.  :)

Given her history with group participation "things", I made her repeat after me:

I, Amanda H. C., do promise to go to ALL practices and games without whining or tears.  I commit to playing for the entire season, and loving softball until this glove doesn't fit anymore.

And then I made her pinky promise.  But before she did, she paused, took a deep breath and looked deep into my eyes with much sincerity; then gave a slight nod and wrapped her pinky around mine.

I love this girl and her mysterious ways.  :)

For this reason Christ is the mediator of a new covenant, that those who are called may receive the promised eternal inheritance—now that he has died as a ransom to set them free from the sins committed under the firstcovenant.
Hebrews 9:15


Ashley Beth said...

What a sweet story! I love the "loving softball until this glove doesn't fit anymore" part!

Meg A. said...

Oh, Amanda!!! Not gonna lie, can't wait to watch this play out! :) I'm rooting for her to love it!

The Bug said...

I love that she wants to start even if she doesn't end up finishing - I was always so content to just sit & watch other people do things when I was a kid.