Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Be Brave

The other night we went to the river,  late enough that we had the place to ourselves.  The girls did some exploring and eventually got it in their heads that they should swim across to the other side.

Initially, they doubted themselves and debated the merits of attempting it.  What if they got stuck in the middle?  There were no towels.  If they did make it to the other side, how would they get back?

Though Shaun and I teach often about "doing it afraid" and how that never goes away, it just gets easier with practice, I chose to stay uninvolved in their conversation.

Finally, after a few more should-we/shouldn't we's, they stripped down to as few clothes as they could  and just went for it.
 They made it to the other side...and back!  Their hearts were pumping and their arms were tired, but they had done it!!  
 They were so proud, so confident.  In that moment, they felt like they could conquer anything.  They did it again, maybe just to prove to themselves that it had been real, maybe to experience that euphoric feeling once more.

It was such a beautiful story to watch unfold.  I pray that they keep that lesson, and the feeling from it close to their hearts.
 "Doing it afraid" doesn't end when you turn 21.  Its a lifelong effort.  Today, let's face that thing we really know we need to do or pull out that dream that's been tucked away and let's be brave!

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The Bug said...

Way to go girls! I've done a lot of things afraid (well, and also when I SHOULD have been afraid - ha!). It IS exhilarating to realize that you can do that scary thing. :)