Sunday, August 3, 2014

Project 365, Week 31

I'm truly at a loss for words in summing up this week into a nice, neat paragraph.  If you gave me a "check the emotions you felt" list, probably most of them could be marked....and I like to consider myself an emotionally even-keeled person.

A prayer I utter often is, Lord, please break my heart for what breaks yours and He has answered.  Shaun and I are shouldering others burdens and its messy and heavy and hard.

The week was also filled to overflowing with blessings and God's stand back and watch has left me amazed and overwhelmed by His great love.

There is still so much up in the air and almost nothing I'm at liberty to share, but if you think of it, would you please pray for this broken family who have recently come into our lives, particularly for the young children, one who is currently living with us?

July 27
Shaun picked up two cousins and the kids were so happy to be together.
 Later, we went to my mom's to see my sister and her family who were up from Texas.  My brother and his kids joined us as well.  My other sister and four of her six were away and couldn't make it.

 Cousins, cousins, cousins.
 The '09 Club (plus the lone '11 kid brother who does his best to keep up), together again.

 Ah, there they are.  Gosh, they were just babies!
 Back at the old homestead.

 July 28
Rise and shine...time for a week of VBS!
 Avery and Amanda had SO much fun being part of the praise team.
 After lunch we met up with Bethany and crew who were staying at her in-laws on the lake.  Lots to do and good time spent together.

 Back at home the zip line got tons of use all week.
At 7:30 PM we got a call, will you take a 7 & 8 year old boy and girl who need a place to stay tonight?  So instead of tucking my kids into bed early like they desperately needed, I put them in the car and went to a random parking lot to pick up this sibling group.
 July 29
The size of the group I transported back and forth to VBS ebbed and flowed throughout the week....this day was the required two separate trips in the morning and my SIL's help in the afternoon...SUCH great kids!
 The library held a special science lab.  The kids got to extract DNA from a strawberry and do an explosion, among other things.  It was considered a success, particularly because root beer floats and cupcakes were served at the end.  :)
 The boys made themselves a little mud hole.

 July 30
After VBS we went to return Trevor and Rocco to their dad.  Since we were there, we took advantage of the pool and trampoline.
 July 31
We're feeling like it may be time to go from 7 to 8 seats in our family car.  Shaun has been diligently shopping online for a "new" one and I took pictures to post ours for sale.
 The end of July brought three vacancies in one building.  Thankfully, it is the one Shaun has extensively remodeled and he won't have any trouble filling them back up.  We went over to do some cleaning and yard work.
 ...and staring at the "hood" activity.  :)
 E got back from her visit and they did salon.  I was first and got the royal treatment, including blush applied by Aiden.  :)
 August 1
Our agency held the annual family picnic, this year with a fun Photo Booth.  There were lots of carnival-type games and those who participated got a raffle ticket.  The kids came away with lots of great loot and R won Best Overall in the chili contest!
 Family Night/Closing ceremonies for VBS.  So thankful for the fun week they had and the things they learned!
August 2
I took some of the kids out to Rhode Island to visit my brother's family and take pictures of this sweetness...she was just as cooperative as she could be.
Current message on our kitchen chalkboard:

Everyday we make choices.  And then our choices make us.

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What a great work you guys are doing! I feel honored to follow your journey.

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