Thursday, August 28, 2014

Signs of Life

In putting the photos together for this post, I noticed many of the "signs of life" were outside.  That is where we do as much life as possible, particularly during the summer....although apparently Aiden disagrees.

The other day walking to school to pick up the girls, I commented to Aiden on what an incredibly beautiful day it was and that we needed to enjoy it because before long, it would be cold.  His reply:

I think its kind of boring here in the summer.  Really?  Yeah, in winter there is so much stuff to snow, throw snowballs....

And that's when it hit disdain for winter clearly stems from the fact that I am not eating enough snow.    That is "easy cheesy lemon squeezy" (as Aiden would say) to fix....I'll have to give it a shot this year!  :)

Installment #3

Instead of seeing imperfections as thorns in my decorating flesh, I want to open my eyes and see them as signs of life.  These messes all stem from gifts in my life.  I still clean the mud off shoes (or make my boys do it), but I also know that if a neighbor walked in and saw a trail of mud, I wouldn't need to be embarrassed.  Its just proof of lives being lived, and houses are for living.  My home is a reflection of our life, and life's messes can be gloriously beautiful. ~The Nesting Place


sara said...

I absolutely LOVE your signs of life!!

The Bug said...

I always love these posts :)