Sunday, August 24, 2014

Project 365, Week 34

We were enjoying our last week of summer this week and easing back into routine with R starting daily football practice and the girls having two soccer practices.  Nothing like four kids in different activities to ramp things up.  Its all good and I know its going to be a great summer.

Hope you have a great week!

August 17
I came home from my long run to find the kids out in the yard doing face painting.  Avery did a pretty good job!
 Uncle Nathan came over and got right to work fixing the swings.  Avery said she had asked him to do it....such a great uncle!  :)
 August 18
The dreaded back-to-school shopping, but it really ended up not being bad....the pain of shopping, that is, though it still adds up...thankful for tax-free week.
 Tea party on the porch.  Why not?

 August 19
Though our "garden" seems to be behind by a couple weeks, I consider it a huge success that its not dead.  We've been carefully watching it and the kids have been asking when they can "harvest" the cucumber.  Finally it was time!

 Not so much the carrot though.
 It was a good day to give Shaun a quiet house, so the kids and I went to the children's museum with Aiden's birthday gift certificate.  It was just our speed!

 We found a patch of grass to have a picnic on.
 First soccer practice.  The girls are on the same team and the coach is the mom of one of Avery's classmates.  They are going to work hard and learn lots.
 While they were working, Aiden and his "girlfriend" played on the playscape.  I took her to the bathroom and when we returned Aiden was talking with some older kids.  Aiden left them and I said Aiden, who were you talking to?  He said, Just some kids....who didn't know much about bees. 

Then, when we left Aiden said, Mom, I think I need to break it off with Maggie.  
 August 20
I try to always make it a point to brighten the cashiers day on my way through.  This day, the kids were ahead of me in line.  They loaded all the groceries onto the belt and chatted with the cashier.  By the time I got close enough to pay, she was absolutely beaming and all the kids had contributed to blessing her.  There is such power in kindness.
 Shaun took the second part of his licensing, a grueling SEVEN hour exam.  And....he PASSED!!  So proud of him and we're all so happy the studying is over.
 August 21
Shaun was doing some digging and discovered a little patio.  We spent the rest of the day clearing out brush.

 Aiden got to go with my dad to see one of his favorite musical groups, the Blackwood Brothers.  He was there early helping to set up and it worked out that he ended up riding in their bus, following my dad in his car to their hotel.  He was in the bus for 20 miles and became a fast friend of the group.
 The next day the girls went to the assisted living home and sang.  The girls sang and did the motions to one of their VBS songs.
 August 22
After taking E to her visit, I dropped the girls off at Grandma's for a sleepover.  Then Aiden, E and I went to get some supplies for projects Shaun is beginning around the house.  Yes, our house!  I was so happy that it'd been a while since I'd been in the home goods store and also missing it a little.  Just a little.
August 23
The kids went with Grammy to a union picnic, a large and fun event they have every year.  I've never been but the kids sure were excited to go back.

Since R had a double practice session, Shaun and I were left with no kids!  We worked together and hung out together and it was SO nice to just be the two of us.  Grateful for grandparents!


Amy said...

The tea party was a great idea!

Meg A. said...

Congrats to Shaun, that's awesome!

The Bug said...

Way to go Shaun! And that Aiden just cracks me up. And the picture of him on the pony - so cute.