Monday, August 11, 2014

Project 365, Week 32

You might agree with me that I have entirely too many pictures from this week, but sometimes its so hard to choose which to I don't.

It was such a great summer week and we're really enjoying having E here and I'm doing my best to not think about school which will be starting in a couple weeks.

August 3
I asked the girls to pick up their room and when I went in later to check...

There are three beds in the room, but since school let out, they have opted to sleep together on the floor.
 August 4
Never gets old.
 A cool enough day to run the oven, so we did.
 There was a little scare with Great-Grandpa, so we went over to see him.  The kids showed him pictures from Maine....
 ...and they chased turkeys out in the yard.
 August 5
2 AM wake-up to drive R to meet up with the group at the airport bound for Guatemala.
 Shaun continues to painstakingly work with Aiden on riding a two-wheeler.  It always begins with tears and insistence that "I can't", but Shaun patiently powers through and Aiden is always so proud of himself at the end.
 A surprise visit from cousins...all seven on Shaun's side!
 Love this!  Shaun has been studying hard to get his license as a financial planner to complement his work as a tax preparer.  He catches an hour here, an hour the middle of the afternoon, middle of the night, etc.  Aiden wanted to sit with him and watch his "Jesus movies".  Two awesome boys right there.
 I took the girls to the library and we ended up doing a little exploring in back of the building.
 One of the mom's is sending me periodic updates on how R is doing on the missions trip.  Sounds like everything is going really well.  Here's the team, minus the two pastors who are leading it.
 August 6
River time.
 When we got home I made the kids lay down for a rest.  Amanda slept in the fort for two hours.  When she woke, she had a headache and fever, but just briefly.
 Shaun passed his first exam, Series 66!!  Is there anything that man cannot do??  We went to DQ to celebrate.
 August 7
Aiden went for his annual physical, but since I missed last year he also got shots.  He was so brave and didn't even whine or cry.  On the way home we stopped to pick up a little prize.
 Hours and hours of the "baby game"...two babies, two moms, two strollers, four happy kids.
 Aiden and I were cracking up when we saw this closeup he took of me.  :)
 August 8
These four are playing so well together.
 Shaun's dad was visiting from out of state, so the family got together.

 We were supposed to do the beach the day before but plans changed at the last minute.  The kids were disappointed and I figured since it was a beautiful day and we didn't have anything scheduled until church time, why not go?  So, we loaded up and went!

 My sweet handsome boy who always makes it a point to get dressed up for church.
 Shaun and the pajama girls checking out fun stuff on the computer.

Message on the chalkboard:
Do the next right thing that's right in front of you.

Make it a great week!


The Bug said...

I struggle with feeling like I have too many pictures too - but I've decided it's a record for me, not just a "blog post" so I'm gonna keep posting them. As for OTHER people's pictures I say the more the merrier!

Love your close-up - ha! And Amanda's pajama bottoms (penguins!). And Aiden's bow tie. And multi-colored toes. And, and...

Amy said...

I love the baby game with the strollers! Classic Bourquin fun!!! Fun summer week!