Friday, July 17, 2015

Project 365, Week 27

Well, I've been home for two days and it feels so great. SO great!! We're still working through some things but today is the first time the pain has not been constant and my mind feels clearer than it has in a while. 

Maybe its time to blog....I've got just a little catching up to do.

This was a big, huge week for us, really one of the biggest of our lives. Some of its a little tricky to piece togther but I'll do my best.

June 28
We'd gotten home from Outerbanks the day before and the girls were leaving for camp the next day so we had a pretty quiet Sunday at home. The last couple times we've gone on vacation there has been easy access to a washer and dryer and its my new favorite thing to come home from vacation with a suitcase full of clean clothes!

Last year my hydrangeas produced exactly one bloom and I missed them so...this year I determined that was not going to happen again, so I did some research and put some time into them and this year, I have blooms!

June 29
My girls went to kids camp with our church for the very first time...M-F! They joined up with Z and some cousins! I was so proud of them...they headed off bravely with no reservations.
June 30
No picture. The reality of surgery really started to set in and I was highly distracted. Shaun tried to keep me close to him, dragging me along for errands, but it was just a long day.

July 1
Aiden got to spend a little time with his RI cousins. They camped out in the yard and went fishing.

Shaun used Priceline to get us a cheap hotel near the hospital and we were pleasantly surprised when we saw our room with a view!

The evening was filled with emotion but we still managed to get some sleep.
July 2
We arrived at the hospital at 5:30 AM.
While we were doing that, a new niece was being born...this is Aliyah.
July 3
I was SO happy to see this guy when he walked into my room the next day at dawn and I was finally alert.
Back at home that afternoon, Amy picked up the kids from camp, who reported that camp was "awesome!"
July 4
The next morning she brought the kids to the city so we could see each other. I was pretty immobile and they were a little unsure, so we kept the hospital visit short.
Amy stayed with me while Shaun took the kids on a little city get some good time with them and so they'd have a mostly good memory.

He brought them to see his hotel room, they shared ice cream, played at the local park and visited FAO Swartz for the last time (they closed their doors on July 15).

I had THE room with a view for watching fireworks over the river. Shaun pulled up a chair next to my bed and we held hands while watching the 30 minute show....this is my view sitting/laying in bed...amazing!

Back at home, the kids were having no fun... ;)


Meg A. said...

Now, all is right with the world! I thought that when you hit the road from Sloan the other night but now it's for sure! So thankful you are on the other side. Your hotel room that Wednesday night looked amazing! And we absolutely loved our 4th with the kids...B is already scheming when he can have another swim night with "my buddy Avery"!

The Bug said...

So glad to see this post & all the smiling faces. I'm praying that the worst is behind you & recovery is a snap!