Sunday, July 19, 2015

Project 365,Week 28

Hey look...another blog post!

We had set the expectation for ourselves that we'd be headed home from the hospital Sunday or Monday. As it happened, I was there the entire week! Even as I type that I can't believe it.

I was so grateful for every picture someone sent me from home. My kids always looked happy and well-cared for. I was well-cared for, too!

July 5
The kids had fun at an adventure birthday party with family.

I love the way Milo is looking at Aiden here.

July 6
I was strong enough to actually venture over to the window and look out. From the 15th floor, it was fun to watch the little ant people moving about.
Back home...the life!
July 7
As it became apparent I wasn't going home imminently, Shaun left for home to do some damage control. Amy couldn't bear the thought of me being alone in the hospital so she trekked down a couple days. She was super helpful in brightening my spirits and making the days pass.
When Shaun had the kids at home we got to Facetime a couple times a day. Amanda sent me this picture of the hydrangea progress.
July 8
Shaun gathered his ace team together to clean a newly-vacated apartment.

July 9
Looking out my window in the other direction.
July 10
This crazy crew had a birthday bash for the late-June and July-ers, including Sadie who turned ONE!
There was no decent coffee in the hospital, so Uncle Lee made sure I told Shaun to run out and get me a "proper" cup of coffee. This was it!
July 11
My sweet and silly crew at cousins house, headed to church.

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The Bug said...

I love Amy's t-shirt! So glad she came to keep you company...