Monday, February 1, 2016

Project 354, Week 5

Unbelievable that we've cleared out of another month already! I didn't even have to try extra hard to enjoy January this year...the weather made it perfectly delightful and the kids even got a sampling of snow.

The pictures can't tell of all that is going on around here, but I'm continually thankful for God's love and grace. All of my life, in every season You are still God. I have a reason to sing, I have a reason to worship. So true!!

January 25
She takes the road less traveled...I love that about her.

I attended work dinner...good food, good conversation and a plan laid out for this year and beyond. Normal people stuff. :) I'm so thankful to be able to work for a man of excellence and integrity who is highly esteemed in his industry.

January 26
The sun comes up, its a new day dawning...

January 27
I dealt with a little more than a dozen people this week regarding H's schooling, both in person and in conference calls. Dealing with the state used to get me all worked up (I'm convinced that, in order to fulfill their degree requirements, "they" must take a course in how to make a foster parent feel like banging their head against a brick wall) but I've learned (for the most part) to take it all in stride....its too big for me to change by being frustrated.

So, while I continue to work and advocate for H, I am also working with him here at home. As he's shown an interest, I've been introducing him to the Bible. He is completely unfamiliar with any of the stories so its such an honor and so much fun to get to be the one to introduce him to the exciting and fascinating stories the Book contains.

Since its been Aiden's long time favorite, I had him read David and Goliath. After, we talked about it, he wrote a paper, and I let him watch Veggie Tales' Dave and the Giant Pickle. :) Good stuff!

January 28
We got sidetracked on our way to school by that super thin ice that's fun to crack (and apparently fun to eat).

Lots of games happen around here. Its so fun to have kids old enough to enjoy playing with. When they are three and you're playing UNO or Memory for the 50 millionth time, you think this day will never come, but it does!

January 29
I took a picture of Aiden and I reading together. He was quite pleased with how this one came out. :) Do YOU know what snowmen do at night??

January 30
There are so many good things about a Saturday 8:30 AM basketball game!

  • The beautiful morning light flooding into the gym
  • Avery's best friend from school was there to watch her sister...with a screen.
  • And her brother was there...with a screen.
  • Shaun got to watch 15 minutes before heading into work.

Later at Avery's game.

The four kids biked while I trailed behind on foot. If its even close to "nice enough", we take advantage.

Third time's a charm getting dressed for church. Camo pants and a t-shirt. Try again. Camo pants and this shirt. Try again. Adjusting his collar Mom, I look just like Dad, right? :)

January 31
The kids hit the chores hard in the morning, so we went for a hike/picnic/romp around at the local state park. So blessed to be their momma!


Melody said...

LOVE the pic of you and the kids on the rocks!

sara said...

looks like a fantastically normal week!!! :)

The Bug said...

Boy I need to hit chores hard & then go for a walk. Will you come make me work? :)

Love the sunrise... and your big heart for all of your children.

P.S. Aiden DOES look just like his dad :)