Monday, February 22, 2016

Project 365, Week 8

I'm not even close to one picture a day here, but I'm being realistic that there's a slim chance these events will get blogged individually, so its all compressed here in one neat, efficient package. Our week, as is also our life was eclectic and full, with lots of moving parts. Its just how we roll.

February 15
The kids had two days off for winter break. We didn't make it to the Caribbean or hit the slopes (as if!), still we tried to squeeze in some fun. On Monday, my nephew had a hockey game in Rhode Island, which also happens to be where my brother lives so we all met at the rink and then went to my brother's for dinner after. It was good to be with everyone!


The ever-growing '06 Club. All three of those precious smiles are going to cost us parents dearly in orthodontist bills. :)

The ever-cool '09 Club.

February 16
Amanda's been asking to workout with me, so we pulled up a video meant to do with kids.

However, that still wasn't enough exercise to wear them out enough to not fight, so as soon as the rain lightened, I pulled them all outside for a walk/bike ride. Within five minutes it started raining pretty hard but I made them muscle through. Tough being a kid around here!

Later, Amanda made delicious cupcakes, all on her own. (Love the chocolate faces).

Aiden was dancing around, being goofy with this lego creation, when suddenly one part went crashing to the floor. Apparently I caught it on camera, right before the tears.

February 17
Amy and I spent a full day at Sloan. I had three-month scans and then met with the surgeon. The scans were clear!!

February 18
This was picture worthy because these two were in the same space, not fighting.

Amanda played a playoff game. Her team trailed most of the game and by fourth quarter, it was pretty clear they were going to lose so I took Aiden home to put him to bed. They ended up coming back to win and advance to the next round!

February 19
These faces say, its Friday. We have no homework and we've done all the chores you've asked us to do and its not especially warm outside. May we please have screen time??

February 20
More playoffs. Both teams lost.

Since it was local, Shaun cleared his schedule enough to sneak away for most of both games...such a good daddy!

We were home in time for the 60 degree, sunny afternoon. Delightful!

 February 21
I could eat this kid up in his little cap! Every time I watch him and listen to him chatting while he's outside, I think of the Kenny Rogers song The Greatest. It is Aiden exactly.

Little boy in a baseball hat stands in the field with his ball and bat
Says, "I am the greatest player of them all"
Puts his bat in his shoulder and he tosses up his ball.
And the ball goes up and the ball comes down,
Swings his bat all the way around
The world so still you can hear the sound, the baseball falls to the ground.
Now the little boy doesn't say a word, picks up his ball he is undeterred.
Says, "I am the greatest that there has ever been"
And he grits his teeth and he tries again.
And the ball goes up and the ball comes down,
Swings his bat all the way around
The world so still you can hear the sound, the baseball falls to the ground.
He makes no excuses he shows no fear
He just closes his eyes and listens to the cheers.
Little boy he adjusts his hat, picks up his ball, stares at his bat
Says "I am the greatest when the game is on the line"
And he gives his all one last time.
And the ball goes up and the moon so bright
Swings his bat with all his might
The world's as still as still can be, the baseball falls
And that's strike three.
Now it's suppertime and his momma calls,
Little boy starts home with his bat and ball.
Says, "I am the greatest, that is a fact,
But even I didn't know I could pitch like that!"
Says, "I am the greatest, that is understood,
But even I didn't know I could pitch that good!"


LuAnn said...

So very happy to hear your scan was clear. God is good! ( which I know you know that). Just can't praise him enough.

Amy said...

Thanks for coming out Monday. And I'm still smiling from Wednesday.

The Bug said...

Yay to a clear scan!!! And that song - priceless! It also describes my brother & youngest nephew to a T - ha!