Monday, February 29, 2016

Project 365, Week 9

Happy Leap Year Day!

February 22
A social worker came out to renew our foster care license. Hard to believe its been four years already! Only by God's daily, all-sufficient grace.

February 23
I got a text and a call from the school nurse. Aiden had taken a spill on the playground and she was asking me what I wanted to do. It really didn't seem stitches-worthy to me and I thought it was so cute that he smiled for the picture.

There is no better school nurse to be found. She is so caring and patient. Amanda goes to see her nearly everyday and she gets chapstick, lotion for her hands, a bandaid, a pat on the back, a therapy session. I don't even know what else but they are dear friends and I'm so thankful for Mrs. A.

February 24
Our town was giving away tickets to the UCONN women's basketball game, so Shaun took his daughters on a date. A couple of the cheerleaders came up and cheered with them and most of Amanda's basketball team was there.

February 25
After a couple gray days and one rainy, it was so nice to see the sun! I love walking to school with these three!!

February 26
Aiden went to cousin Trey's house for a sleepover to celebrate his birthday. It was requested that he bring his Star Wars paraphernalia. It made me giggle that he packed most of it in this princess chest.

In exchange, we got to have Lainie and Katie overnight. The girls had so much fun!

February 27
My brother sent me this picture. They visited a Lego display at their mall. Aiden was pretty impressed...some were 15 feet tall! Tim, who had a lengthy car ride with this crew said there was MUCH Star Wars talk. :)

Meanwhile, I got to hang with these lovely ladies. We took advantage of the family swim time at our community center.

February 28
Walking up the back porch, I had to laugh (and take a picture!). What season is it?? Swim suits, snow tubes and muddy rain boots. :)

I've thanked God for our beautiful spot a thousand times, now one thousand one. On this beautiful Sunday we had two people doing baseball, two doing soccer, two doing baseball, all at the same time. That's six people, which means Shaun had the day off and we got in some nice time together!


The Bug said...

Love that last fierce Aiden picture - and the princess chest :)

Ashley Beth said...

I love the Lego model! When we visited Legoland last month we were amazed by their creations too. Legos sure are a winner in our home!