Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Ginger Pup

Back in January 2015 our 4 year-old lab died unexpectedly, and the circumstances surrounding his death were about as bizarre as it gets....it was one of the super crazy tax weeks, it was chemo treatment week, we had a blizzard that dumped two feet of snow, my cousin (who is allergic to and therefore not fond of dogs) was staying with us and a friend was the one taking the dog back and forth to the vet. It was under those circumstances that we had to make some difficult decisions. We ended up having to put Trot down.

The kids, in particular Amanda, were devastated. She begged for another dog, but we knew with radiation and maybe surgery coming up, it was not the time. So we began to talk about the possibility of "next spring".

When "next spring" came, I began to do some research on breeders. Initially the information was overwhelming but I slowly weeded through. I wanted a quality dog that would be healthy and be a good family pet but was not willing to pay a for a pricey puppy. 

After much searching online I found a breeder that I thought would work. When I called, the owner said she had a litter that would be ready on June 25th. It all sounded good, but before putting down a deposit, I wanted to check out the place and meet the parents.

So, last Saturday after soccer Aiden, Avery and I made the two-hour trek to visit the breeder while Shaun stayed back with H and Amanda who had baseball and soccer games.

When we got to the breeder we were able to look around and see that it seemed like a reputable place, very nice actually. They said someone had backed out that day and they had just one puppy left from that litter, an 8 week-old female who was ready to leave. We met her, played with her and that was pretty much it. I sent a picture to Shaun and the kids. Over the phone we talked about the possibility of moving up our plans by five weeks, why we should and shouldn't. In the end, we decided to take her home (of course!).

It was kind of strange to do it with just half the family, but it didn't take long for everyone to approve. We've all taken to her, but Amanda in particular. Amanda needs a dog who will listen to her and who understands and she's found a good friend in Ginger. Shaun and I have found lost sleep in her. :)

We trust she will make a good pet and companion. If she lives to be 13, as old as Riley was when he died, she will be here while all the kids will have moved away. That's crazy to think about!

Welcome to our crazy household, sweet Ginger.


Melody said...

She's adorable - congratulations! Reliving that bizarre Trot story always makes me shake my head :)

lee boyd said...

What a face, no wonder she rode home with you that same day :)

Meg A. said...

Oh my word, her face!! Sweetest little puppy!

The Bug said...