Monday, May 2, 2016

Project 365, Week 18

My verse for this week with lots of blessings and hard in it:

April 25
Our annual Busch Gardens pretty-wall-by-the-restrooms family pictures.

Life was so. simple.

April 26
Our last day for the beach and Aiden just wanted to stay inside and play cards while Sienna and I and all the kids were enjoying the first of the morning. I was able to lure him out by telling him there was a sandcastle that needed repairing.

April 27
We left Florida at 7AM and this guy drove all day and all night. In this picture he's "doing school" with the older two. He's such a great guy.

April 28
We got home at 5AM. After the kids got a couple hours sleep in bed I sent them off to school. Then it was 2 dentist appointments, 2 social worker visits, 3 practices and 1 game. Welcome home!

I documented Aiden's very first trip to see a dental hygienist. He got a great report, loved the experience and soaked in all the information about proper brushing and flossing.

April 29
Looking for beauty while waiting at practice.

April 30
Shaun's first game coaching Amanda's team. He did so great, and they won!

We celebrated our brother-in-law's big birthday at their house. Sarah pulled off the surprise!

May 1
Its May, one of my favorite months!

We went to the noon service and it felt strange to be in church on a Sunday...ha! Shaun and Amanda worked on soccer skills in the morning.


Melody said...

Happy May :)

The Bug said...

I love May too! Although I keep expecting it to be warmer... I don't know why - we ALWAYS take a vacation May & I'm ALWAYS cold no matter where we go...

Love your old family photo - I can see Sassy Amanda was just as sassy back then. And that little Aiden peanut!

Ashley Beth said...

Oh I love that photo from 2010. So tiny! I remember being in that stage around the same time you guys were and thinking life was so busy and complicated when really it was mostly just exhausting. Funny how hindsight makes us realize how simple it really was.