Monday, May 9, 2016

Project 365, Week 19

I feel like I could intro each week with: there was some good, there was some hard. I've always felt like life is good but I now know that, right along with that, life is hard. That's why its important to be a seeker of good, a noticer of blessings, a thanker of gifts.

May 2
I went to check on Amanda who'd been in the shower for a while. She was all set up to be in there a while, complete with chorus music and her stuffed pals.

May 3
I had a fever come on suddenly that had me in bed under the covers all day feeling miserable, scared and sorry for myself.

Amanda and Avery were looking lovely for their school chorus concert. Shaun worked his daddy magic to avert a wardrobe crisis and Avery ended up wearing my dress. What?!?

May 4
My sweet boy...we have fun together. Anytime I want, I can make him laugh until he hiccups....before he started school I used to do it everyday. :)

May 5
The first grade was in charge of mass for Ascension Thursday. Aiden's class sang with the 8th graders and he did a reading from Ephesians.

A nurse came to do monthly maintenance on my port. It'd been a while since I'd used that company so he had to review my entire file. Its devastating to go over it with someone new, from the beginning. The story, my story, when summarized, sounds like it can't even be true, but I know it is and...that's hard.

Such a chilly, rainy week. Avery practiced twice in rain, wind and temps in the 40's.

May 6
Aiden looked like an old man reading the newspaper over breakfast.

May 7
It was supposed to be Opening Day for baseball. Instead, we got uniforms, took pictures and got drenched. By chance, the boys were assigned the same jersey number. :)

Amanda played two games and scored three goals. Shaun's really been working with her and some of it seems to be "clicking".

May 8
I found this present on the kitchen window when I came downstairs in the morning. Ray and H created it for me the night before while I was sleeping. So sweet!

I'm grateful that God chose me to be a mom and that He uses me despite my shortcomings, my weaknesses, my "not enough".  My heart overflows.

At the last minute, we got to see Shaun's mom and all his siblings. Thankful for family!


The Bug said...

Aww - that window made my heart melt. So sweet (and well done!). Aiden reading Ephesians was a heart melter too. Love that Avery wore your dress - so pretty! And she & Amanda matched. Good job dad! Hope you're feeling MUCH better!

Melody said...

Sometimes the hard of your story takes my breath away. And then I'm ever grateful for your gritty determination to be grateful. Love you.