Monday, May 23, 2016

Project 365, Week 21

Lots of goodness and running around squeezed into this week. I wore my winter coat in the early part of the week, but now its just amazingly beautiful.

May 16
This Monday was the 5th and last day of school the kids had off because of the plumbing/air quality issue. Amanda really wanted to spend time with Alayna because she knows how to play barbies and horses. 

A little more playing than watching at H's baseball game.

May 17
Both girls had wellness visits. I'm so very grateful for healthy kids and good reports. And gosh...they're getting so big!

May 18
Ray turned 20 (!!) and we got to spend some of his birthday with him. He's come so far since that first day we met him when he was 17 and even more so in the last three months he's been living on his own. We're so proud of him!

(Also, Shaun had a major truck project underway).

May 19
My little sister was up from Texas and was able to spend an evening with us. Most of us were able to gather and it was so great to have everyone together!

All four of us, in age but clearly not height order. So blessed.

May 20
Fridays after school are nice because we don't have to dive right into homework. I love hanging out with this crew.

May 21's a kid holding a puppy. You know how that usually ends, right? Yeah. I'll share the story tomorrow.

May 22
The puppy and Amanda found a cozy spot on the lawn underneath the bed of the truck. BFFs!

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lee boyd said...

Little Sister's not so little anymore...