Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Tennessee Wedding

More from our wedding weekend! The wedding didn't start until 6 PM so we had some nice chill time at the hotel in the morning. We were surprised and honored that my aunt and uncle carved out some time for us amidst their parents-of-the-bride duties. 

We had a leisurely, catch-up lunch at Joy's house and then we drove over to Aunt Francis and Uncle Mark's place. They do an amazing job with their was so welcoming!

Then we got showered and changed and headed over to the wedding/reception location. Joy did an incredible job with all the details and the marriage ceremony was meaningful and moving. It was very special. I tried to take pictures but not be "that" annoying relative.

Of the nearly 200 guests, we were the only Yankees. We tried not to stick out but we were clearly "not from around here". ;)

Though it was a quick trip, we are so grateful we were able to get time with family and witness Joy and Jay's wedding.

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Melody said...

So glad we were all able to do this trip!
Also, you are on a roll with the blogging!!