Monday, June 27, 2016

Project 365, Week 26

Its officially summer and we've officially kicked off the fun!

June 20
My brother, sister and I all met up at my dad's for a breakfast celebration of Father's Day. He is the grandfather of this crew (missing three).

June 21
Early in the morning a large tree limb came down, bringing our utility wires with it and damaging our neighbor's car. It was an exciting day with police, firemen, electrician, power company and cable guy. 

June 22
Summer mornings are just so amazing. Mine look a little different than usual since we have the puppy, but we're finding a groove. The sun was streaming through the trees as "we" were watering flowers.

The original intention was to leave for vacation first thing in the morning, but a plumbing problem at one of the apartments delayed our departure...we got on the road late afternoon. The kids (and puppy!) are such great travelers.

June 23
First morning in Maine!

June 24
Avery is 11!!

June 25
We spent a leisurely lunch in Freeport, ME on our way home on a beautiful day. If we'd charged for puppy pets, we could've filled up the car's tank. :)

June 26
H left for two weeks of camp. We all dropped him off and then stopped for a picnic and swim. We took the scenic way home and enjoyed the hour drive through a beautiful part of Connecticut.


Melody said...

Yay for Maine and summer!

The Bug said...

Looks like a great summer week! Happy birthday to Avery - I'm jealous of her birthday Oreos. :)