Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Project 365, Week 22

This was quite the week as we adjusted to life with a new puppy, hosted guests, and celebrated many wonderful things.

May 23
Ginger's first day of school. :) The girls were very anxious to show off their new puppy.

Avery's class had a field trip to the Jonathan Trumball Jr. homestead and war office. I was pleased she still wants me to join her!

Puppy meets pool.

May 24

May 25
I've been working on reclaiming some of yard that got overgrown. Aiden's a good little worker.

May 26
Sweet puppy.

May 27
We enjoyed having a couple extra kids around for the day. I felt like I was listening to "Kid Snippets" all day with these two. Hilarious. :)

New birthday legos!

Aiden filled in as goalie for the scrimmage at Amanda's practice. By the end he was feeling like the male version of Hope Solo and thought he was probably even qualified to fill in for Avery's team. Later he said, Mom, I liked the feeling when the ball was coming toward me. :) This boy lacks many things, confidence is not one of them.

H is done with high school ball for the year, so now its on to town ball.

And the next field over the boys were playing softball.

Nana and John were visiting from Florida and were good sports to cheer on all these activities, even though they think we are crazy. We are.  :)

May 28
Another day, another game(s).

Just as Amanda's game was about to begin, a small but nasty lighting/thunderstorm came across, so we headed to our cars to wait out the 10 minute storm. Shaun is barefoot here because Amanda asked him if they could stay out in the pouring rain. The 10 minute storm turned into 30 minutes and they got completely soaked out in the open soccer field. Such a good daddy (and coach...we're 5-0!).

May 29
Our oldest nephew graduated from high school, a bittersweet moment. In his early years, he and I were tight buds and spent many, many hours together. Of just four ceremony tickets, I was an honored recipient, which was very meaningful to me.

I shed many tears this day as I considered what a miracle it is that I'm here, living, as I thought about the marching of time, as I reminisced of our walks and park trips and ice cream runs and stories read, as I felt the weight of the daily-ness of work it takes to get a child from cradle to graduation, as I reflected on what a blessing it is to love and be loved.

May 30
Possibly the epic-est family wiffle ball game in the history of mankind.

No promises, but I hope to post about much of these happenings in greater detail....


Melody said...

Quite a week indeed!

Ashley Beth said...

Ginger in the pool is adorable!!