Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Project 365, Week 25

This was our first week of no school and our last week of spring sports for all the kids. Yay on both counts!!

June 13
The day started early, arriving home around 1 AM from our Tennessee wedding trip. We got to have a lazy morning with Melody before she left.

The kids had watched a couple episodes of Cake Wars? Cupcake Wars? and were inspired to try their own version. 

Aiden was more than happy to be the judge. :)

Last night of baseball!

June 14
Grandma took the crew to Old Sturbridge Village. She likes to take them in the spring when there are baby animals. This year the lamb was a hit.

Swim team tryouts were more competitive than we expected and Amanda was asked to come back after she's had more lessons. It was a blow to her and a good opportunity to talk through lots of life things.

June 15
Nice summer night for baseball.

June 16
There are lots of blessings in foster care and lots of hard. This permanency meeting was in the hard category. Shaun took the afternoon off so he could be there with me and I was so thankful for his strength and wisdom. He seems to always know the right things to say.

The kids, on the other hand, were having a blast with cousin and Auntie Sienna. :)

Isn't this the sweetest?

June 17
Pop called to take the kids for a ride on a beautiful evening.

June 18
Last day of soccer!!

The rag tag team Shaun coached went undefeated for the season, 8-0. He doesn't do "just for fun" even if its U10 girls rec. ;)

June 19
Second to the new Dory movie, the kids thought Shaun would most want to go to Dave & Buster's for Father's Day. I was shocked at how expensive it is and how inappropriate the music, videos and games are. Everyone had fun, but we won't be returning anytime soon.

Shaun is an incredible father. He is involved and intentional and dedicated to raising kids with character. He is loving and unselfish and a good provider.

He's been example of what a father is or should be to many boys and he relentlessly loves and invests in the fatherless. We are thankful!


sara said...

what a great week! I love the picture of Aiden judging the cupcakes!! I continue to pray for you as you foster. We have a family at VBS this week, they have 22, yes 22 children that they have adopted from foster care! Several of the teens are helping us out and have been a big blessing!

Melody said...

Oh, Amanda's face in the swing picture!!
Cute about the cupcake wars.

Melody said...

Also, it looks like I'm pulling Amanda's hair :)

The Bug said...

Looks like Aiden really got into his work as a judge - ha! Baby & puppy? The slam dunk winner this week :)