Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Project 365, Week 36

This was a big week! Coming off of my trip to OK and the first two shows of Mystery, we enjoyed the last couple days of summer, started school, completed a full room remodeling project, added a member to our extended family and celebrated big events with family.

August 29
Things have gotten quiet at the one point we were the only ones!

August 30
One of the many perks of summer or weekends is that the girls are generally allowed to sleep together. They share a room but have also preferred to be even closer in the same twin bed.

Grandma got a grandparents season pass to Sturbridge Village and she took the kids several times...they enjoy seeing the baby animals in the spring and checking out the various businesses and houses. They had a gorgeous day!

August 31
Its always so sad to see them go back to school but its also a happy time as they begin new adventures and learning exploration.

They start the first day with a brief service, introducing staff and students, praying a blessing over the year. Its a special time, with excitement in the air.

In the blue is Avery's homeroom teacher. She's officially in middle school this year and switches classes, just like a big kid!

September 1
Amy and my mom came over to help decorate for a big party.

September 2
We threw a surprise 40th wedding anniversary party for my Aunt and Uncle, a perfectly lovely evening!

September 3
Shaun's brother had his first baby, the last of our six siblings to become a parent. Gavin Benjamin is as sweet as they come.

September 4
The grand event of LobsterFest weekend. So fun!!


Amy said...

A whole lot of awesomeness in that week! Life is GOOD!

Melody said...

I was going to write the exact same thing Amy wrote- Life is good!