Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Project 365, Week 2

We're trying to love January, with its cold days and shoveling chores. Its taken me this long to post because my arms were too tired to type. :) This week was getting back into our routines after Christmas break.

January 2
New Christmas toy and old friends.

January 3
One thing nice about the cold, dark days of winter is there is more time devoted to snuggles and working on our read-aloud book. Such a special time, for all of us, I think.

January 4
More often than not, these two have been getting along recently. Two common interests that bring them together are Legos and "spies".

January 5
We are not huge animal people and having one dog to care for just about maxes us out. Still, Amanda systematically wore me down, convincing me that we needed to add a fish to our crazy. With the promise that she'd be solely responsible and would use her own money, we finally stopped at the pet store.

January 6
We were all genuinely surprised the next morning to find the fish, "Flow" was still alive.

After their half day of school, the kids got right to work doing what they do best. Playing. :)

January 7
And then snow all day Saturday.

H got a new snowboard for Christmas and this was his first chance to try it out. Amanda was giving him lessons, which could have turned out a couple different ways, but it ended up being a good thing.

January 8
Cozy jams x 3.


The Bug said...

I'm glad they enjoy the snow so much - at least someone does - ha! I hope Flow lives a nice long fishy life :)

Ashley Beth said...

Our kids are all into Legos and "spies" too! They got some Spy Gear toys for Christmas and it's been all top-secret missions ever since. :)