Monday, January 16, 2017

Project 365, Week 3

January 9
The kids braved the cold to take advantage of the leftover snow.

January 10
The only photo I have left from the 10th. Its a clean sink at the end of the night. I'm not one that feels like the kitchen has to be all cleaned up before bed but I read this article and was inspired to at least give it a try and see if it works for me. Its not likely to last long.

January 11
January is set aside for prayer and fasting at our church each year and special services are held. I took Avery and H to the mid-week service and it was amazing. They are SO excited to go this week!

My dear friend got up and she and her husband briefly shared the story of the miraculous way God healed him last year.

January 12
Aiden and I had a little pocket of time that was just the two of us, so we went to the park and watched the dog skate around on the ice. :)

January 13

Z's grandmother made me aware that Z's school was playing a school in our town on Friday afternoon, so we got to see him in action and then talked with him for a few minutes. I also got to talk to his grandmother during the whole game. I thank her often for allowing us to stay in his life.

Amanda was nervous about her upcoming game, so Shaun talked her through plays and positions while watching the boys play.

The basketball program is back at the kids school and the girls (with a significant amount of encouragement from their father) joined.

It went in. :)


My morning was filled with meetings regarding H and one thing that came out of them was some positive-direction news regarding school. So after the games, we went to celebrate. We also recognized the bravery and perseverance that it took for the girls to get out on the court.

January 14
Early morning sky.

When we talked about goals and resolutions at the beginning of the month, Aiden declared that he wanted to learn how to swim. So...swim lessons it is.

January 15
Happy Birthday to me. :)

One of the (many) gifts of cancer is having to take a long, hard look at your own mortality. You think you have this long life stretched out before you but then you realize the end really does come, and maybe sooner than you were planning.

Shaun told me no less than three dozen times yesterday, Happy Birthday...I'm so thankful you're here. Because, I almost wasn't. But I am. And never again will I begrudge a is truly a celebration.


Melody said...

I'm with Shaun :)

Amy said...

Same, Melody! Also, just curious who was going to rescue the dog if she went through the ice? Sounds like a whole week of triumphs!!!!!

Meg A. said...

I think it's appropriate that you posted the clean sink picture on the 10th! :) You know how I feel about a clean sink at bedtime!!! And Amy's comment about the dog made me laugh out loud! Loving all the photos of the girls on the court! I'm bummed the January Wednesdays are coming to an end...last week was AMAZING!

The Bug said...

My mother was a HUGE proponent of a clean kitchen before bed, which of course meant that I hardly ever cleaned mine - ha! Then I tried to do the Flylady thing for a while & a shiny sink is sort of her touchstone. I dropped everything else about her program, but I do still try to clean my sink each evening. But don't go look at it right now - it's a mess!

I love that the girls are doing basketball, even though it took a lot of encouragement. At least that's an indoor sport :)

And happy happy birthday to you!!